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LOOKS WITH COTURNO: how to wear the cutie of the moment

The boot is a timeless piece that allows countless combinations, from everyday to the most fashionistas. The shoe takes any look from the basics by adding originality and a lot of style. Check out looks with boots that prove the shoe’s versatility and tips on how to combine it with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

55 photos of looks with boots to know how to match shoes

The advantage of the boot lies in its versatility. It is possible to coordinate the footwear with different pieces and use it on different occasions. Check out looks and see how to incorporate this shoe into your style.

1. The boots are a joker piece to have in the closet

2. And you can use it all year round

3. With a dress in summer

4. Pantyhose and t-shirt on mild days

5. And with a fur coat during winter

6. The looks with boots are practical to combine

7. After all, these shoes look good with a skirt

8. Printed dresses

9. And even with polka-dot overalls!

10. Looks with low boots are comfortable

11. And practical to combine in everyday life

12. And there are soooo many models for you to choose one in your style

13. It has black, classic and accurate

14. The platform, darling of bloggers

15. The long-barreled ones…

16. And the prints are pure charm

17. The looks with black heeled boots are cool

18. And you can match it with striped pants and shirt

19. Or with a long dress that is also a knockout

20. Matching jeans and a t-shirt is perfect

21. But if you like originality, how about coordinating with a slip dress?

22. The looks with boots and leggings exude comfort

23. And with biker shorts you’re ready to enjoy a festival

24. Combining with neutral colors is a wildcard

25. But playing with neon tones makes the look authentic

26. And these shoes match the style of the hipsters

27. And also with the romantic ones who love a flowery dress

28. While the thin toe makes the look more elegant

29. The rounded tip has a relaxed grip

30. Thinking about a composition with a blazer makes the look more professional

31. And these shoes can even be worn at work

32. While some productions are discreet

33. Others are super authentic and fashionistas!

34. And the boot suits all ages

35. Do you agree?

36. The shoe values ​​all types of bodies

37. There are inspirations for the highest

38. And ideas for outfits with boots for short girls

39. When choosing one, take into account the colors you use the most

40. Black is the classic

41. But white makes a difference

42. Are you in doubt? How about a dark burgundy?

43. The glitter one is rocking!

44. There are models made with supple leather

45. And others thicker and more resistant

46. ​​The good thing is that you can adapt your shoes for hot days

47. And the boot keeps you warm in the cold seasons

48. Looks with tractor boots tend to be relaxed

49. To make it more sophisticated, just coordinate it with a midi skirt

50. In mid-season, just throw a sweater over it

51. And in winter, a jacket and scarf!

52. Full of charm, isn’t it?

53. Social and elegant looks

54. To the most casual and alternative

55. It’s a fact that boots make any look more stylish!

Which of these inspirations is more your style? As you have seen, the advantage of investing in a boot is that it can be easily combined with other pieces. In addition, it is a footwear for all seasons of the year.

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Looks with boots: more tips on how to combine this shoe

And if you still have doubts if it’s really worth investing in a boot, check out these videos that will convince you to adopt the shoe.

3 not obvious looks with boots

In this video we see how boots can transform basic combinations into super stylish looks. There are overalls, skirt and dress ideas that can be adapted with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

Looks with boots: 11 looks with the heel model

If you are one of those who think that the boots make the look too loaded, check out this video and see 11 possibilities of combinations. There are inspirations from everyday looks to the most sophisticated ones with tractor-heeled boots.

How to assemble stylish looks with boots

It is possible to compose numerous cool looks with the footwear. Youtuber Vanressa Ribeiro tells a little about the history of the boots and shows several ways to combine it.

5 looks with the same boots that prove the versatility of the shoe

This video proves that it is worth investing in a shoe as democratic as the boot. It is easy to combine with other pieces and yields numerous visual possibilities. Check out!

Looks with boots: 5 stylish combinations to get inspired

In this video we see 5 stylish and not basic combinations with boots for different seasons. The shoes combine with summer looks and also with tights and coat for the coldest days.

Convinced that boots are a sure-fire piece to have in your wardrobe? And if you love stylish looks but don’t give up comfort, check out other looks with sneakers.

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