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White look: bet on the elegance of total white

White pieces are usually combined with other colors. Black, jeans, prints… These are just some of the options used to compose a look with a white piece. But have you ever thought about the white and white combo? Contrary to what many think, this trend is not synonymous with New Year’s Eve and can be used on several other occasions.

This combination is elegant and brings a touch of modernity to productions. Of course, you need to be careful and be aware of some effects that white brings. Unlike black, it tends to increase the regions, if your intention is to give the illusion of hips or big breasts, for example, if you play in white!

The image and style consultant Helena Villar gave some tips on how to bet on the total white look and look good out there. Check out!

Casual white look

Style consultant Helena Villar says that the warmer seasons are ideal for betting on white. White, unlike black, is cooler and doesn’t retain much heat. “White reflects more light, inspires tranquility and lightness, and enhances the tan”, says the consultant. You can fearlessly wear white shorts and white coat, white skirt and shirt, and the easiest of all: a white dress.

Helena also gives tips on which fabrics are best suited for casual occasions “Twill, cotton and its variations (from the more structured to the more rustic), linen – white linen is super elegant, a viscose that is fresh and fluid…”.

You know that trip to the bar on the weekends? Try a total white look, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

white look for work

We often go through stressful situations at work that make us angry, don’t we? For know that even the color of your clothes can influence your emotions. White calms and soothes uncomfortable situations.

A really cool tip from consultant Helena Villar is to coordinate the white shirt (which is a must have in the closet) and a white bottom. It can be a pants or a skirt in midi length. This combination is elegant in the right measure and brings the seriousness that work usually requires. If your work is more relaxed, bet on a white t-shirt and complement it with an accessory to not make the look too obvious.

White party look

Ballads are usually taken by a wave of black looks. Attention to Helena’s tip: “Loosening the shackles of black, because white can also be just as or more sensual. All-white look brings presence if the person wants it and not necessarily a lot of delicacy or lightness.”

If you want to stand out, there’s no reason not to bet on white. Can you imagine a white dot in the middle of an immensity of black looks? Lots of attitude and style! The consultant also says that more structured, geometric and asymmetrical pieces give a touch of modernity and, again, gain more prominence than black.

white party look

This topic deserves special attention, especially when we talk about weddings. On this occasion, it is totally impolite to wear white, as the bride is the star of the event and she will probably opt for this color. And it’s no use even thinking about the off white, anyway he’s still white.

For other events, such as graduations, cocktails and New Year’s Eve parties, white fits like a glove. A nice tip from the consultant is to invest in pieces that you can use more often, like a white pantaloon, for example. “When you don’t want to spend money on buying another dress, adding a white pantaloon with an equally flowing top, or even a thinner shirt, is a good choice”. The idea of ​​total white goes perfectly well for daytime parties too, like a birthday or lunch that asks for something more elegant.

10 white pieces for you to buy and use a lot

Did you start to look at the white look with different eyes? We have selected some pieces that will make a difference in your closet and that you can make countless combinations between them.

Where to buy

  1. White skirt, in Dafiti
  2. White pantacourt pants, in Amaro
  3. White laced shorts, at Shop2gether
  4. White ruffled blouse by Amaro
  5. White midi skirt with pleats, by Amaro
  6. White twill pants from Dafiti
  7. Short white dress from Dafiti
  8. White t-shirt, at Dafiti
  9. White shirt, at Riachuelo
  10. CLong white dress, at Renner

Style consultant Helena Villar also says that, although we live in a tropical country where most of the year is hot, total black is much more used than total white, “I see, unfortunately, that many people associate white with New Year’s Eve and, I imagine that for a lot of people it’s the only date where they wear an all white look”. Helena also says that any monochromatic look, not necessarily white, elongates the silhouette because it does not create the illusion of a “cut” in the middle of the body.

More total white looks for you to be inspired by

Check out a selection of dozens of inspiring looks that will help you adhere to this trend that is already a classic:

You can complete the all-white look with black shoes.

can be very elegant

And also more relaxed

A flowing white dress is never wrong!

It conveys peace and tranquility

The midi length also has its space guaranteed

How about this model with cutouts and ruffles?

Playing with textures in monochromatic looks is a great idea

White and lace bring a lot of delicacy to the production

But they can also be more relaxed.

Betting on colorful shoes can make the look fun

The color in the accessories also gives more life to the compositions

And that color could be black, why not?

The details, like the knot on the t-shirt, make all the difference!

They can be used in various situations

And they can be very stylish

And on the cooler days they are a great option!

White boy for a walk…

or to work

And for those who are fashionistas

Total white, like total black, is practical

Do you have any doubts? Play in the white dress!

The colorful sneakers gave the ideal complement to the production

Super cool idea for a cocktail, for example

Or for an event that requires more seriousness

A white blazer is a great piece to bring elegance

Convinced to bet on total white?

If you still feel insecure, start mixing textures first, it’s a great tip to introduce total white into your looks. The consultant ends with encouraging advice: “There are people who are dependent on black people, because they think black is easy, they lose weight and are discreet. Big mistake! For me it was a matter of habit. Today I have much more difficulty wearing black than white. I think the word would be to experiment to see that it is as easy or easier than wearing black, especially in our hot climate.”

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