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Karma: you will understand the damage you did when they do it to you

Karma is the materialization of the saying “do good and do not look at whom.” It is the force that returns balance to actions and consequences. Learn more about him here.

Have you ever had the feeling that life was paying you with a coin that had previously been in your hand? As if a moment ago you had been the one tossing her into the air, looking for the best version of her and fleeing, selfishly, from the consequences of her whereabouts. Something like that happens with karma: it always comes back.

Sometimes it is true that it seems that only bad actions that have caused harm are returned and that when we have done well they remain empty. What happens is that Harmful events mark us more and that is why they are remembered for life.Whether we like it or not: whether you were stabbed or wounded.

“I learned that when things are done wrong – and I risked with her all the good things I had with another woman – karma pays you in cash, without delay, everything you have broken in another person’s heart, returns your investment. and he does it with wounds.”


The word Karma means ‘do’/’action’

Karma means ‘doing’ and includes the entire field of physical, verbal and mental actions. For us to understand it, it is something like everything we do gives off a kind of energy that accompanies us, positive or negative. Our actions return not in the form of acts, but of said energy and balance.

This is precisely why When we hurt someone we are not aware of the magnitude of the pain until we suffer it in the same position.: we believe that it can be done and undone without fully understanding that the way people receive facts is different.

We say: this is karma. He has given me back what I did and he does it with a plus. It’s not a ‘plus’, it’s just that now We are aware of the full reality of what we did and the lesson will be valid for us forever. from there.

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The types of karma

There are three main types of karma. These are:

Prarabdha karma: It is that it is noticed when the action is being carried out. For example, when lying to a person, nerves cause us to not be able to vocalize well and nervousness and embarrassment appear.Sanchita karma: Submits that memories have an effect on our future actions. For example, the sadness that comes from not having expressed our love to someone and that means that the next time we fall in love we will not give up expressing what we feel.Agami karma: is the consequence what a present action will have in the future. For example, excessive alcohol consumption for years will cause problems with the liver and general health.

The idea of ​​karma introduces the idea of ​​justice into the functioning of the cosmos and our lives as social beings.. It is a type of justice that materializes without us having to lift a finger for it to appear and be enforced. It seems as if life itself is in charge of teaching us a lesson with the same currency that we have used with others.

The law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect teaches us – among other things – that it is more difficult to accommodate the effect than to cause the cause: When we make a decision in which other people are involved, the consequences can be dire. Let’s take for example a relationship in which one is unfaithful: whoever commits infidelity will only understand what it causes when she has to experience it in the opposite situation.

However, this same law also works for positive karma, although many times we do not realize it: worrying about what is given, trying to make the world of the people who love us happier, implies a positive aura that will come from turned into other forms of joy.

“All the things that come out of you come back to you, so there is no need to worry about what you are going to receive; “Better worry about what you are going to give.”


In this sense, Under the idea of ​​karma there is the intelligence of “who does good without looking at whom”, as they say. The “well looked at” takes into account that the emotions of others may be involved in your decisions.

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The law of cause and effect in karma is based on the belief that The effects of our actions always correspond to the moral value they possess. In other words, everything bad and everything good that we do will return to us in the form of consequences of the same value as the shares issued in the beginning.

In addition to the law of cause and effect, we can also find others, among which stand out:

The law of creation: underlines the importance of life not just happening to us. To make things happen, action must be taken.The law of humility: It is based on the principle that we must be humble enough to accept that our current reality is the result of your past actions.The law of growth: All growth begins within us. To positively shape the world, we must start with ourselves.The law of connection: This law holds that everything in our lives, including the past, present and future, is intimately connected.The law of focus: states that we should focus on one thing at a time, since focusing on too many things at the same time can cause frustration and negativity.The law of the here and now: To experience peace of mind, we have to embrace the present. This can only happen when we let go of negative thoughts or behaviors from our past.The law of change: According to this law, history will continue to repeat itself until we learn from the experience and take steps to do something different and stop the cycle.

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build, build

The concept of karma helps us build our tomorrow and build ourselves inside, because as we have explained, the ‘todays’ can be part of the circumstances that we have to face in the future. This is, Most of the time we reap what we sow, in greater or lesser justice.

“Life has no meaning, you give it to it with what you do, with what you are passionate about.

You build the universe to your measure.”

-Walter Riso-

For these reasons we give meaning to what happens to us and we intertwine some events with others because everything seems to be united by threads that manifest themselves in the form of emotions. Good energies will lead to other good ones and vice versa.: a future that is not always fulfilled, but is usually there to remind us that our emotions also contain those of the people who love us.

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