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How to match makeup with eye color

A good makeup is able to make any woman much more beautiful! In addition to using good products for this, the ideal thing is for her to know how to highlight what is most beautiful on her face and disguise possible imperfections that bother her.

And the truth is that we can always use our characteristics to our advantage. With regard to the eyes, for example, the tip is to choose that eyeshadow color that will highlight your look. The other makeup items, such as lipstick and blush, should also be in harmony. That way, it doesn’t matter if you have light or dark eyes, choosing the right makeup, you will rock!

Below, makeup artist Luciano Alencar, from Pierre Louis Coiffeur, indicates the best makeup options for each woman according to the color of her eyes:

Black eyes

Eyeshadow: Black eyes are quite versatile and go with pretty much any color! But the most suitable for making a “baphonic make-up”, jokes Luciano Alencar, are: brown, black and gold.

Lipstick: Deep orange, brownish-red and brown tones tend to look good on these women, as they don’t “fight” with black eyes.

What to avoid: “They should avoid the shades of gray that erase the look! Or simply a color that doesn’t match your outfit or your mood. After all, black eyes are like a little black dress… they go with everything”, says Luciano.

Blue eyes

Eyeshadow: “To be bold, it is worth using black or smoky brown eyeshadow for night looks, as they highlight blue eyes well”, says Luciano. If you want to use color, green and blue look great when mixed with shades of brown, tan and gray, as the makeup artist adds.

Lipstick: Nude and shades of pink for the day. “To dare, very hot red. Just be careful not to fight with your eyes! If you color your eyes, opt for a nude lipstick”, says the makeup artist.

What to avoid: It’s good to avoid a too colorful effect, as it can stand out too much on white skin. “These women should also stay away from orange tones, which have nothing to do with the color of their eyes,” adds Luciano.

Green eyes

Eyeshadow: “To be bold, the same tip for blue eyes applies: black or brown smoky eyeshadow at night. For those who want to use color, the shades of pink or violet highlight green eyes a lot”, explains Luciano.

Lipstick: Pink shades are ideal for these women.

What to avoid: Those who have green eyes should avoid pastel tones, white, blue, silver and light colors in general on the mobile eyelid, as they do not highlight and leave the look dull.

Brown eyes

Eyeshadow: Brown eyes tend to stand out with peach, brown, black, eggplant, ocher green and salmon tones. Chocolate, gold, bronze and olive tones are super chic and highlight the look. For the night, it’s worth abusing the glow.

Lipstick: Light beige, nude and pink gloss are great options. To be bold, it is worth opting for a vermilion lipstick, as long as it does not “fight” with the color of the eyeshadow.

What to avoid: Using a light blue shade in your makeup is not recommended as it will not add anything to your makeup.

Now you know how to use one of its features to your advantage when putting on makeup! Following makeup artist Luciano Alencar’s tips, it’s much simpler to leave the house looking beautiful, correctly highlighting your look and giving more beauty to your look in general.

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