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Discover the best positions to breastfeed with professional tips

Take advantage of the professional’s tips to make breastfeeding easier for you! In addition, always count on the help of a gynecologist and a neonatal pediatrician you trust.

Learn more about breastfeeding positions

The sequence of videos will help you put the tips into practice! Release play and check it out!

Correct handle for breastfeeding

This is a tutorial provided by the Ministry of Health, showing how to position yourself correctly for breastfeeding. In addition, it suggests a way to help the baby open his mouth. Take a look!

Steps for a correct grip

Learn what to do so that the baby can correctly grasp the areola, making breastfeeding better for him and more comfortable for the mother. Following step by step is success!

Breastfeeding position options

The video has some positions and tips to make it happen perfectly. It’s worth checking out and linking to the tips you’ve already read here!

Now that you’ve checked out tips and options for breastfeeding positions, you’re ready to try them all with your baby! Enjoy and learn more about the breastfeeding armchair for a more comfortable moment!

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