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15 flat piercing photos for you to join this trend and rock

It is a fact that piercings can express a lot of personality. With that in mind, meet the new darling of those who love this accessory, the flat piercing. The perforation is made just below the helix (the curve) of the ear, in a part called the scafa. The flat piercing attracts a lot of attention and can vary according to your style. So, follow some tips, answered questions, reports and photos for you to embark on this trend.

6 questions about flat piercing answered

The flat piercing is a recent type of piercing and has conquered the hearts of lovers of this accessory. After all, this type of piercing oozes style and personality. See below some questions on the subject that were answered by the body piercer Maycon:

1. How is the flat piercing done?

Maycon (M): “It is necessary for the professional to analyze the auricular anatomy and check if the ear has a scafa perforation. It is important to carry out a mapping to verify the presence of large or small vessels, because when crossing an important vessel, healing can be compromised”.

2. How to take care of flat piercing?

M: “Cleaning should be done 1x a day, only with saline and cotton swab. The ideal is to use one side of the cotton swab well moistened with serum to pass the “little foot” of the perforation and remove secretions and dirt. Then, with the dry side of the cotton swab, you completely dry the area. Remember to always leave the piercing site dry to avoid infections.” That is, this accessory requires some more intense care, as it is located in an exposed part of the ear.

3. How long does it take for a flat piercing to heal?

M: “Healing takes approximately 8 to 12 months, depending on the body, care and material of the jewelry used”.

4. Does piercing the flat piercing hurt?

M: “The sensitivity of the flat perforation is similar to that of other points in the ear that also have cartilage”. Also, the procedure is very quick, so the pain is super easy.

5. How to remove the flat piercing?

M: “The jewelry must wait at least 4 months, when the healing is already advanced. To remove the jewelry, go to a professional who will do the procedure for you, because you can completely clean your ear and remove it later. Thus, you prevent the removal from taking dirt into the perforation. Remembering that if you remove the jewelry before the healing period is complete and leave nothing, you may lose the piercing.”

6. What care is needed after drilling?

M: “Avoid fatty foods, as they can slow down healing, wait 2 weeks to return to intense physical exercises, because friction and pressure can harm it too. And most importantly: it is essential to maintain cleaning care for 1 month”.

So, did you like it? The flat piercing requires some care, but very complex, right? It’s worth adding it to your style!

Experiences of those who have a flat piercing

Do you want to know about the perforation of this accessory? Check out some videos of youtubers who put on a flat piercing and decided to share their experience below:

How was the flat piercing

Watch Daianne Possoly’s account of the flat piercing and some other piercings. In addition, the video is full of tips and highlights the importance of choosing a good professional.

Pain when placing the flat piercing

YouTuber Isa Matini told of her experience getting three types of piercings at once. In her case, the pain was calm and the procedure was very quick. Press play to find out more details.

What is the drilling procedure like?

If you’re curious about what it’s like to pierce a flat piercing, this video is for you! Blogger Virginia Fonseca brought a camera into the studio and recorded the entire process.

Now that you know how the procedure is and have seen the reports of other girls, how about some pictures to cheer you up? So, keep reading!

15 flat piercing photos that will convince you to get yours

This accessory adds a special touch to any outfit. So, see some photos and fall in love with the new trend in the world of accessories!

1. The flat piercing is already a darling

2. It can be more discreet, like this blue

3. Or you can opt for a little black dress

4. It looks beautiful with a more delicate flower

5. Or creative, like this lightning bolt

6. You can bet on something more flashy

7. Proving that this accessory is very versatile

8. And elegant too

9. Combine with other piercings and holes

10. Whether by the jewelry’s colors or by the theme

11. You can opt for a double flat

12. Or even a triple

13. The most important thing is that you feel good

14. To express your freedom

15. And let your style flourish!

So what do you think? Surely you are delighted with the flat piercing! If you liked this model, enjoy and see other styles like tragus piercing and conch piercing to get even more stylish!

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