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How to clean thermos

hottest coffee

Tricks: heat the bottle with hot water
Photo: Reproduction/ Ana Maria

After leaving your bottle very clean, know the secret to keep your coffee hot for longer.

Before pouring the coffee into the carafe, warm the inside with very hot water. Wait a few minutes and pour the liquid into the sink. Only then pass the coffee into the bottle.

bottle always new

More tricks: soap only on the outside of the bottle!
Photo: Reproduction/ Ana Maria

To leave your bottle clean, bet on a good wash. On the outside, it’s easy: use a sponge with neutral detergent.

The secret to leaving it looking new is internal washing. For this, do not use soap – this avoids the risk of having a drink with a bad taste. Wash the inside with warm water daily.

When you want to remove possible odors and residues, also add 2 cols. (soup) of sodium bicarbonate for each liter of water used in cleaning. Let the solution act overnight.

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