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Eagle archetype: what it is, qualities, shadow side, how to use it and more!

The animal archetype of the eagle is related to attributes such as long-range vision, independence, high self-esteem, power, strength, wisdom, prosperity and resilience. Currently, this archetype is used by many people who already have or want to achieve a leadership position.

After all, the attributes of this animal serve this purpose very well. In addition, this archetype can also be used when you need to overcome a major obstacle, seek financial independence, want to better explore your potential, overcome your own limitations and live with more freedom.

If you have the eagle as your power animal or want to connect to this energy, know that in this article you will find valuable information on the subject. Check out!

Animal archetypes, power animals or totem animals are gaining more and more people’s attention. However, this concept still raises many questions, so to help you understand this subject in more depth, we have listed some important topics below.

Check below what the animal archetypes are, the origin of the study of this concept, what your animal archetype reveals about you, the animals of power from the Jungian point of view and the relationship of this concept with shamanism.

There are several ways to explain what animal archetypes are, in some traditions of shamanism, for example, they are seen as spirits whose objective is to support and help human beings on their earthly journey.

Taking into account Jung’s concepts, we can say that they are figures that carry a symbolic meaning. That is, they bring with them a set of characteristics and some patterns of behavior that can be used to benefit someone’s life.

Whatever your vision, when connecting with your power animal, you have the chance to gain self-knowledge, learn the lessons taught by this animal, as well as get help with specific issues in your life.

The concept of power animals is quite old, as they are an important part of the culture of indigenous peoples on several continents.

At the beginning of the 20th century, this concept began to attract the attention of several people, who began to recover the knowledge of shamanism. Spiritual practice that lost space in the last millennia, thanks to the modernization of society, which increasingly moved away from nature and the way of life of people considered primitive.

Throughout the 20th century, several scholars, such as the anthropologist Michael Harner, the anthropologist and writer Carlos Castañeda and the historian Dee Brown turned to the study of the way of life and spiritual practices of indigenous peoples, which includes the concept of animals from the power.

Today, this idea is gaining more and more space, not only among those who are interested in shamanism, but also by people who seek personal development. The eagle archetype, for example, is used by people in leadership positions or by those who want to achieve great goals.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, archetypes are representations or symbols loaded with meaning, which are shared by human beings, even from different peoples and over many generations.

Jung’s theory explains that in addition to the personal experiences that will give meaning to a symbol, there is also a series of collective experiences, which are accumulated by human beings over time and are stored in the collective unconscious. That would be a kind of reservoir of information shared by all of us.

Just to illustrate, when thinking of an animal like the snake, there is a part of the meaning associated with that symbol that is personal. That is, based on your own experiences, you can be fascinated with her or scared, say she is beautiful or ugly, etc.

In addition, there is also a part of the meaning associated with this animal that is collective. According to the archetype concept, we all instinctively know what snakes represent. Like, for example, a treacherous and dangerous animal, or even an animal that represents transformation due to its ability to change its skin.

It is precisely to this collective meaning that the term archetype refers. Like other elements of our daily lives, each animal also has its set of characteristics that are stored in the collective unconscious.

According to shamanism, whenever someone is born, that person is chosen by an animal of power, which will serve as a guide on their earthly journey, offer protection, help with whatever is needed and share their qualities.

In addition, shamanism is also closely linked to healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. It is often the power animal that shows the way for whatever kind of healing you desire to be brought about in your life.

It is also worth noting that each power animal teaches a different lesson, which can be learned by observing its behavior and consciously adopting its qualities.

By discovering your animal archetype, you begin to have a clearer view of yourself. If you pay attention to its characteristics, you will realize that you have similar personality traits to that animal.

It is worth mentioning that all power animals have positive and negative aspects. By observing them, you will better understand what can be improved in you. Consequently, you will also have improvements in different areas of your life, such as your career, love life, family environment, etc.

Like all power animals, the eagle archetype has a set of specific qualities. If she is your archetype, you certainly already have some of these traits, but there are others that you can develop with the help of this archetype.

To learn more about this, see the list below with the main attributes of the eagle archetype, such as, for example, your vision, leadership ability, emotional independence, strength, wisdom and much more.

Vision is one of the main qualities associated with the eagle archetype. First, it has the ability to see much further than humans and other animals. Just to illustrate, from the top of a 10-story building, an eagle would be able to see an ant on the ground.

In addition, the retinas of the eagle’s eyes have many more light-detecting cells and this bird also has a keener perception of colors. What makes her an excellent hunter and also helps her to protect herself from predators.

Thus, part of the lesson taught by this animal is related to the ability to see further and more clearly. Whether in the sense of finding opportunities that other people have not yet seen, or even using this vision to take precise and accurate actions to achieve your goals or solve a problem.

Generally speaking, all animals that have the ability to fly are associated with freedom. However, as the eagle’s wings are longer than those of other birds, it is considered by many to be the greatest symbol of freedom. Its ability to fly high, reaching 3,000 meters in height, also contributes to this idea.

Therefore, those who are faced with the archetype of the eagle are invited to take responsibility for their own freedom. Mainly in the sense of reflecting on how to see and live beyond the limitations imposed by other people, by circumstances and even self-imposed.

Unlike other birds, eagles do not live in flocks, moreover, they build their nests at high altitudes, far from not only other eagles, but also from other species. For this reason, the eagle represents emotional independence and self-sufficiency.

Those who have the eagle as a power animal have a great capacity to accomplish what they want without depending on anyone. Even without support or help, they move forward, as they are guided by their own vision of what they want. They also don’t let themselves be affected by other people’s opinions, as they have a very clear idea of ​​what they want for themselves.

The eagle archetype is also related to self-esteem, that is, the ability to understand your own value, your qualities and recognize what you have to offer. This animal totem brings as a lesson the need to accept yourself, but without compromising.

That is, to be satisfied with its current version, but without ceasing to constantly seek improvements. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the eagle is associated with people who trust their own judgments and who are not afraid to express themselves or seek what they believe they deserve.

Another very important quality of the eagle archetype is its ability to overcome obstacles. Some migratory species can cover great distances in a single day, in addition, it is necessary both when dealing with prey and predators.

She is a symbol of resilience, strength and energy and therefore is a great archetype to connect with when facing a challenge or when you want to achieve a goal.

The eagle is also a symbol of power and strength. Throughout history, she has been associated with many deities, just to illustrate, in Greek mythology, Zeus turns into an eagle to become able to control lightning and thunder.

The image of the eagle, by itself, is imposing, but its characteristics also contribute to this idea. She is an excellent hunter, which is possible thanks to her eyesight and the strength of her claws and beak. Which allows her to not only capture small animals with ease, but also carry them during flight.

These characteristics are shown in individuals who have this animal as a guide, through the ability to pursue their own goals, a high level of resilience and a lot of willpower.

The eagle as a power animal is also a symbol of leadership, precisely because of its sharp vision and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions. Some species fly around 50 km/h, but when finding prey, the eagle acts quickly, managing to reach an incredible speed of 300 km/h in the dive.

Thus, this is an archetype that teaches us the importance of precision, when to save energy and when to act quickly. Characteristics that are very important for anyone who exercises any type of leadership.

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