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The 10 Best Mascaras of 2022: Maybelline, Ruby Rose and More!

Those who include makeup in their beauty routine certainly don’t give up a good eyelash mask. In addition to drawing attention to the eyes, the best mascaras on the market also work as a treatment for the eyelashes, keeping them beautiful and healthy.

Substances such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamin E and collagen are responsible for maintaining the structure of the hair fiber that forms eyelashes impeccably and preventing it from weakening. In addition to the components, it is also important to know the best type of applicator for the mask, as there are several models on the market.

To discover the best mascara in 2022, it is essential to understand how the ingredients work and which one suits your needs. Discover the best alternative in the text below:

The 10 best mascaras to buy in 2022:













Monsieur Big Lash Mascara, Lancôme The Colossal Volum’ Express Washable Lash Mascara, Maybelline The Colossal Super Film Lash Mascara, Maybelline Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Excessive Black Lash Mascara, Lancôme The Falsies Lash Lift Waterproof Lash Mascara, Maybelline Noir Couture Waterproof Lash Mascara, Givenchy Lash Mascara Extreme Curva E Lengthens, Tracta, Preta Meu Volumão Lashes Mask, Boca Rosa By Payot Sensational Lashes Washable Mascara, Maybelline Trópico Define Length Lashes Mascara, Ruby Rose


From R$ 178.00 From R$ 28.85 From R$ 30.28 From R$ 135.00 From R$ 54.90 From R$ 189.00 From From BRL 29.90 From BRL 42.90 From BRL 44.90 From BRL 27.90


10ml 9.2ml 9.2ml 6.5ml 9.4ml 6g 6ml 1.4ml 9.5ml 5ml

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Polymers and Waxes Collagen Collagen Waxes Carnauba Wax Beeswax, Candelilla Wax and Carnauba Wax Synthetic Beeswax and Carnauba Wax Acacia Senegal Gum and Carnauba Wax Carnauba Wax Carnauba and Collagen


Cone Cone Cone Curved Cone Hedgehog Cone Bristles together Curved Comb

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Volume Volume Volume Volume Stretching Volume and stretching Stretching Volume Fan Stretching and definition


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No No No No No No Yes Yes No No


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When buying mascara, the different packages and advertisements associated with them can make the process confusing. Therefore, it is important to know how to look for ingredients in the composition that best match the promises of the products. Understand:

In order to choose the best mascara for eyelashes, it is essential to understand what are the important ingredients in the composition and how they can be transformed into benefits for eyelashes. Eyelash fiber needs hydration and reconstruction, like hair. For this reason, ingredients like Panthenol and Vitamin E can be great allies.

Among the important assets for wires is keratin. The substance is present in the formation of hair, in addition to being essential in the reconstruction stage, replacing the mass of eyelashes. Panthenol is another essential asset, as it ensures strength and endurance. While Vitamin E is responsible for hydration.

Among the numerous options for eyelash masks present in the physical and virtual market, there are different formats of bristles. However, the shape of the application comb is not just an aesthetic difference, it changes the final result of the mascara. To understand which is the best, it is first necessary to know how each form works.

Short, long, tight or separated bristles… The alternatives are so many that they can even cause confusion when buying. However, once the differentiation is made, the difficulties dissipate. Understand below which type of bristles best suits the result you are looking for:

Those looking for a mascara that provides volume can find options designed for this specific purpose, which generally have shorter and closer bristles. The shape of the bristles provides a sensation of volume as it allows the product to be applied to a greater number of eyelashes.

Since the eyelash mask is deposited evenly from the root of the eyelashes to the tips and reaching a greater number of threads, the visual effect of greater volume is obtained. This eyelash mask alternative is ideal for those who want to achieve a striking look, but still with a natural effect.

The effect of “doll eyelashes” can be obtained with the use of false eyelashes or with mascara that has separate and rigid bristles. The format of the bristles is responsible for applying the product more abundantly, however, it reaches groups of strands, which provides a more rigid structure for stretching.

To find the best mask with an elongating effect, it is essential to check the shape of its bristles, if they are separated and rigid, the product is ideal for achieving the desired result. Furthermore, those looking for long eyelashes should also pay attention to the health of the hair.

Curvex can also be called the great-grandfather of eyelash masks. The peculiar instrument has been used for decades to mechanically bend the threads that frame the gaze. However, its use takes some practice and a simplified modern alternative to the tool was created to fit into the dynamic routine: the mask with curved bristles.

The shape of the bristles, which make a sharp curvature, makes it possible for mechanical pressure to be exerted on the threads during the application of the eyelash mask. This ensures that they gain the curve that highlights the effect of the mask and highlights the look.

To find the best mascara that fits your needs, it is important to take into account several aspects, including the shape of the applicator. The applicator interferes with the final effect of the chosen eyelash mask and can make the use process simpler…

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