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How to approach a girl and impress her even if you are very shy –

Surely, you’ve been in that awkward situation where you want to approach a girl, but you don’t know if you’d better try later or take the risk of her thinking you’re a stalker.

In these cases, it helps to know precisely what to say and how to act, rather than racking your brain.

Here we will teach you how to approach a random woman and succeed in the attempt.

1. Don’t be afraid and relax, Total What’s the worst that can happen?

The first obstacle a man faces is his own behavior. Generally, anxiety generates doubts about which is the best option, whether to approach or wait.

And, no matter how much you want to get to it as quickly as possible, your fear controls the moment.

To mitigate the anxiety that ruins your chances, try to reduce the waiting time between the moment you saw her pass by and the moment you approached her.

This way you will be able to face the situation with courage and your chances of achieving a pleasant interaction will encourage you to obtain their phone number.

What happens with your brain, when you move quickly, is that it is forced to improvise and solve in order to succeed.

But if you delay the waiting time or latency, the opposite happens, your mind will process the situation as too complicated and you will think of excuses not to approach him, such as: “He’s going to reject me! He might be uncomfortable!” “She wouldn’t date a guy like me!”

And, in case you still decide to approach him, you will not find enough reasons to speak to him fluently and, therefore, you will freeze in his eyes.

How do you solve this problem?

Mainly, recognizing that you are afraid. It is normal to experience it when we are about to face a situation that we are not used to. But you must control yourself.

Then, consider which action is most in line with what you want; For example, it could be useful for you to think about how gratifying it will be to have been able to meet her and thus confirm if she is just as you have idealized her or if she turns out to be not so interesting.

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Finally, you can try an almost foolproof strategy: giving yourself a compliment! Talk to yourself and make sure you understand that whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world.

Even if it turns out to be a disaster the first time you approach a girl on the street, you will have new opportunities to repeat this action and learn from previous failure.

2. Maintain a positive attitude when approaching

This is what separates the winners from the group of guys who settle for: “maybe one day I’ll approach that woman!”

Those who are more positive about their goals have a greater chance of achieving victory.

Positivity is projected. It works as a kind of catalyst that other people perceive about you.

If your thoughts revolve around: “Please let me meet you! I beg you, don’t make me look bad in front of so many people!” No matter how much you pretend, she will see that you are insecure.

From now on, better think about the fact that women see you favorably, they want to get to know you and this way you will forget your fears.

3. Earn their attention

You have decided to approach her and fortunately you have overcome that phase of doubts and irrational fears, what do you have left? Earn her attention!

Interact with her about interesting topics that relate to what she likes to do. It might help to invite her out for coffee to make you feel even more comfortable. With this gesture she will understand that she is in the presence of a gentleman.

4. Fewer words

Once you have it in front of you, focus on what it tells you. It won’t matter so much what you say, as long as your attitude is that of someone who is paying attention.

So channel your body language, look her straight in the eyes, don’t cross your arms over your chest, and when you make a comment, be genuine!

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5. Manage clear speech

Bottom line, don’t beat around the bush!

She understands from the moment you approached that your intentions are to meet her and ask her out. So if you liked a girl because she is very attractive, make sure she is interested in you too.

Coordinate your words with your actions and be very respectful. Learn to achieve your goal: knowing if she will give you a chance at something more.

6. Start being selective

Don’t despair trying to meet every woman you meet on the street either. Keep calm!

Not all of them will be willing to pay attention to a stranger and it is also a reality that only a small group of the girls you approach are suitable for you.

You’ll know if it’s worth approaching if she doesn’t look elsewhere or if she smiles. Her tone of voice and her body language also speak to her desire to engage in conversation with another person or to walk away from them.

You could walk close to her and observe her for a bit before succumbing to your urge to get to know her.

7. Sit next to him

Suppose you are given the opportunity to flirt with a girl who is sitting comfortably.

Choose to sit down too, because if you stand next to her she will have to twist her neck to look at your face and what will be at her eye level is your crotch. This is uncomfortable!

Observe your surroundings, locate a place close to it where you can sit and from there start with an opening phrase such as: “Could you give me the time?” And immediately ask him if you can keep him company, since you don’t like to drink your coffee alone.

With this you reduce the tension on the situation and he will not feel that you are approaching it for other purposes.

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8. Don’t be scared!

When a stranger approaches us we get tense!

Even though the boy looks great, the question always arises as to whether he comes with good intentions or with the intention of giving us a bad time.

Avoid scaring her! If you walk too fast or flirt insistently, she will assume that you are just another bully and will walk away from her just when she notices your intentions to talk to her.

9. Use your empathy!

Put yourself in their shoes! Just imagine how a woman can feel when she sees a guy walking right up to her.

She might think that you are trying to sell her something, that you are going to attack her, or that it was a bet with your friends and that is why you are so motivated to approach her.

Let him see that you are harmless! Do not approach her from behind her and, if you do so because you have no other alternative, tell her that it is not your intention to scare her.

If she understands that your tone of voice and words are those of a trustworthy person, your chances of having a pleasant conversation will be greater.

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10. Don’t question her!

It is a bad strategy to approach her with questions, because with this she will evade you, using few words; For example, do not ask questions about: “Where are you from? Where are you going? What are you doing here?” With one or two words he will answer you and you will be left without arguments again.

It is preferable that you make simple statements that encourage a more extensive dialogue in the future.


Feel free to employ the strategy that best suits your situation, since on the street you can find hundreds of charming women who are worth meeting.

Your trust will be vital for this!

Did you like this information? So let us know how it went.

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