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Discover the types and benefits present in clay soap

Clay soap, like clay for face masks, is rich in nutrients that support a variety of skin types. Want to learn more about this amazing product, ask questions with a dermatologist and much more? Come with us!

Types and benefits of clay soaps

To better understand the types and benefits each one brings to the skin, Dr. Maysa Gavassoni (CRM 520116635-2) brought all the necessary details about these products. She checks out, below, 5 types of this soap and what are their effects on the skin:

red clay

It has a soothing, healing, softening, rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory function. Super indicated for more delicate skins, which are easily irritated. It’s rich in iron oxide and copper (anti-inflammatory minerals), and it’s great to apply to the body!

white clay

White clay has more aluminum in its composition, reflecting in healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing actions. Those who have sensitive skin can enjoy this clay well.

Green clay

Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, it has a healing function, reduces oiliness and the appearance of enlarged pores due to its astringent, drying and bactericidal effect.

gray clay

Ideal for more resistant skins, it has a whitening, exfoliating and toning function. It has an important amount of titanium that helps in the treatment of inflammatory lesions. It can also be used for desquamation and hair oil.

yellow clay

The effects of this clay are antioxidant and rejuvenating. It is rich in silicon, which contributes to tissue regeneration. Its action on the skin helps to delay aging and, therefore, is a great bet for mature skin.

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There are many options to keep your skin always beautiful, see? And if you feel like buying the ideal type of soap for your skin, check out the next topic where to find it.

Where can you buy clay soap

This product is really good for all skin types. Here, then, where you can buy them to start your cleaning routine and always keep yourself beautiful and well cared for:

  1. Red clay soap, at Droga Raia
  2. White clay soap, at Droga Raia
  3. Green clay soap, at Americanas
  4. Gray clay soap, at Americanas
  5. Yellow clay soap, at Shoptime

Found your skin’s newest friend? We hope so! And to take some basic questions about how to use this beauty item, come with us in the following topic!

How to use and other questions

There are a few issues you need to be aware of when using clay soap. Dr. Maysa Gavassoni will explain everything you need to know.

1. How to use? The correct way to use it is with a wet face, always applying the product with circular movements. After application, just rinse well.

2. Can it be used every day? It should not be used every day, as it promotes an exfoliation that activates blood circulation, in addition to absorbing impurities.

3. Are there any problems or contraindications? If used continuously, the lipid mantle may be removed from the skin, leaving it more sensitive and susceptible to irritation. It should not even be applied on injured or excoriated skin.

Doubts understood? Now you can learn how to make your own soap in the comfort of your home and for a very affordable price. Learn from the tutorials below.

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How to make clay soap

Nothing better than producing your own product right? Check out in the next 3 tutorials how simple, easy and economical it is to make yours and keep your skin always beautiful.

Learn to make soap with green clay

Make your own green clay soap with Jessica’s help. She will show you the entire creation process with just 3 ingredients and, with it, you will have all the benefits of this clay and other ingredients that are very good for the skin.

Make your own soap with yellow clay

Find out how to make yellow clay soap and bring several benefits to the skin. Check out in the video all the benefits and all the steps, ingredients and materials to make your own product at home.

Producing soaps with black clay and white clay

With Paula’s help you will learn how to make a great soap with black clay and white clay. Check out in the video all the ingredients and the step by step of this production.

Did you like the ideas? Now you can have this facial item and keep your skin looking amazing. Still don’t know the benefits of clay for skin? Understand everything about it!

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