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Discover the most expensive dress in the world that costs 11 million reais

Marilyn Monroe already said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend and in the fashion world, brands waste no time in adorning their products with such gems to seduce the female part of the population.

British designer Debbie Wingham officially presented the world’s most expensive handmade dress at Ukraine Fashion Week. The model is set with 50 two-carat diamonds and costs approximately 11 million reais.

The peplum model dress weighs around 13kg took 6 months to be ready, as it is completely handmade and involved several employees in its making. It also has a removable part that contains more diamonds.

In addition to black diamonds, the embroidered finish also features white diamonds and white gold.

The dress was initially launched at the Billionaires’ Club in Monte Carlo (Monaco), which in itself denotes the idea of ​​wealth brought by the dress.

The designer’s VIP list of clients includes celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, Amy Smart, Catherine Jenkins, Rebecca Ferguson and Dita Von Teese.

And this is just one of the seven dresses created by the Brit that contains diamonds in its production. The stylist has already had her creations published in important magazines in the fashion world, such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, GQ and Elle.

High-end creations like this one don’t walk alone. Recently it was launched by Azature, a nail polish that contains diamonds in its composition.

The nail polish costs approximately 500 thousand reais and was used by celebrity Kelly Osbourne at the 64th edition of the Emmy Awards this year. However, the famous extravagance was not well regarded by her fans and she ended up portraying herself in public for the exaggerated expense on a nail polish.

Some celebrities don’t bother squandering their financial resources on such extravagances. However, we mere mortals must be content to only dream of owning such a product.

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