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Danger sign: expired cosmetics

The expiration date on your cream is long past, but it’s ok to keep using it, after all, the smell remains the same. You don’t even care about this expired makeup story, even because they stay the same after the deadline has expired, right? In your opinion, validity in cosmetics is just a way for this industry to get more money from us, isn’t it? If you are part of this women’s team, know that you are acting very wrong. Expired cosmetics can only have one destination: garbage.

Because it is bad?

Cosmetics contain, in their composition, dyes, preservatives, perfumes, among others, and these substances have an expiration date to act, yes: they are what guarantee the non-installation of bacteria and fungi in your product. They are also what guarantee the consistency and final function of the cosmetic.

“But I never have allergies…”

In fact, any product can cause allergy, either by irritation, or by sensitization, even if it is within the expiration date, this varies according to skin types (some are very sensitive).

But when the product expires, then the thing really catches on! The product’s contact with air, skin and mucous membranes favors its contamination by bacteria and fungi.

That way, the chances of you getting red, swollen, swollen, blistered and itchy skin are huge. From any of these signs, the most correct attitude is to suspend the use of all cosmetics and seek a dermatologist for evaluation and treatment.

Eyes open. And smart nose!

In addition to paying attention to the expiration date, you can avoid several problems by observing the appearance of the product, checking the consistency, color and smell. Want an example? Shampoo can change the homogeneity and decant. Moisturizing cream is sometimes very liquid, as is the conditioner. On the other hand, powders such as eyeshadow, blush and foundation can start to crumble and become more opaque. Sunscreen loses its most important function: protecting against the sun. It makes no sense to use it anymore.

Cosmetic ingredients that guarantee their durability only guarantee the integrity of the product up to a certain time limit. That is, after that, the path is free for microorganisms to spoil what is in the toiletry bag or closet.

What happens to the skin?

The basic thing is to feel itchy and get redder skin, but the situation can get much worse when the expired product reaches the skin mucosa. For example, an eyeliner pencil can even cause an infection because it irritates. You gain red eyes and momentarily have impaired vision. Imagine the danger if you are driving or even crossing the street! In addition, something more serious can happen: fungal infection causes serious damage to the cornea.

If there is an injury to the skin, such as a pimple, the problem caused by an expired cosmetic becomes even more serious, harming the existing infection.

When expired product is used on hair, the chances of dandruff increase because they no longer clean. Your hair loses its shine and softness.

Does perfume win?

Yea! They typically last up to five years when well maintained, away from heat and sun. But when they expire, they cause allergies and skin irritation, not to mention the fragrance that is less fragrant and the color of the liquid, more opaque. Another sign is the deposit of foreign particles at the bottom of the bottle, which may be the result of bacterial or fungal contamination.

That’s why it’s nice to buy perfumes with transparent bottles and pay extra attention to the expiration date.

Be alert

The expiration date, especially for makeup, is not always clear, they are well hidden. So don’t take the product in doubt, ask the seller, so you avoid taking home a product that is close to expiring.

Some tips for you to look beautiful safely:

  • Do not use any product on irritated or bruised skin (unless your dermatologist recommends it).
  • If the skin becomes irritated, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist for advice.
  • Keep cosmetics tightly closed when not in use.
  • Avoid borrowing your products, especially lipsticks and pencils. They serve as a vehicle for transmitting viruses, bacteria or fungi.
  • If you borrow a brush, wash it afterward before using it again.
  • Keep cosmetics out of the sun and heat. Light and high temperature can kill the preservatives that help fight bacteria. For this reason, it is not worth leaving cosmetics for a long time in a hot car.

And remember: at the first sign of irritation, rush to schedule a visit with your doctor.

Daniela Hueb

Dermatologist with specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, graduated in Medicine from the University of Alfenas/MG. Affiliated to the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology, she constantly participates in national and international courses and congresses on dermatology.

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