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Calzone: 14 recipes to innovate when eating pasta

Calzone is an Italian dish that has been gaining popularity here in Brazil because of its versatility in filling options. In a simplified way, the calzone is a pizza folded in half that has a crispier edge than the rest of the dough.

Check out 14 recipes for calzones that range from the most traditional, such as those with ham and mozzarella filling, through sweets and to those with more exquisite fillings, such as the shrimp calzone. It’s a different snack that will be successful in your house!

traditional calzones

1. Creamy Chicken Calzone: For the dough, you will use chicken broth, flour, yeast and sugar. For the filling, use shredded chicken, onion, tomato, basil, cream cheese, sour cream, corn and a beaten egg. Can you imagine the creaminess of this calzone?

2. Ham and mozzarella calzone: ham and mozzarella is practically unanimity when it comes to stuffing anything, right? To make it even better, this calzone is made with ready-made pizza dough. Easy!

3. Calzone pizza: this video shows the step by step to prepare the dough and filling for this calzone. It’s not the easiest recipe on this list, that’s true, but every minute will be worth it once you take that first bite! The filling is made with tomato sauce, sliced ​​ham, mozzarella and chopped tomato.

4. Chicken and Cheese Calzone: made with pizza dough, this calzone is fluffy and extremely filling. Stuff with chicken and cheese and serve as an afternoon snack for friends or even dinner for the family. It’s sure to be a big hit!

5. Calabrese calzone: one of the differentials of this recipe is the use of water in the dough, which makes the preparation lighter. You need to work the dough a little, rolling it out with a rolling pin. The suggested filling is pepperoni with mozzarella, but you can let your imagination run wild and use whatever you like best. Did you go to the kitchen?

6. Chicken calzone with catupiry: here you will learn how to prepare the dough and you will also understand why it is necessary to knead the preparation so that the gluten can develop. This recipe is not for those rush days, as your dough needs to rest for at least half an hour. The stuffing is chicken with catupiry, everyone’s favorite. Is there any way to go wrong?

7. Bacon and mushroom calzone: now, the option for those who are in a hurry in the kitchen. Calzone with ready-made dough, bought at the supermarket! And the stuffing is bacon with mushrooms. Bacon is life, do you agree? And mushrooms make everything even more special and with a taste of those fancy restaurant dishes. The oven time is 15 minutes, very fast!

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8. Zucchini calzone: not just animal ingredients make a good calzone! This vegan option gives up cow’s milk and eggs and gains other ingredients, such as warm water. The filling is made with zucchini, olives, curry and coconut milk. Makes you want to try it, doesn’t it?

9. Shrimp calzone: everything with shrimp stuffing tastes like the beach. And how about uniting the taste of the beach with an Italian touch? That’s what this shrimp calzone recipe proposes. The dough is made with warm water, sugar, yeast, oil, wheat flour and salt. The stuffing, in addition to the shrimp, is joined by the curd cheese. Irresistible!

10. Eggplant Calzone: the secret of this recipe is in the filling, which is super well seasoned and leaves you wanting more! The dough doesn’t have many mysteries and to fill it you will make a stir-fry of eggplant, chives, turmeric, spicy paprika and ginger. Ideal for those days when you want to get away from the more obvious options.

11. Vegan calzone: this vegan calzone is very practical and can even be frozen if you want to eat it another day. The filling looks more like a festival of flavors, as it has mint, tomato, carrot, heart of palm and a vegetable meat of your choice. Any doubts that it gets surreal?

12. Puff pastry calzone: Puff pastry is practically synonymous with perfection, right? Now imagine a puff pastry calzone with a filling of the gods… I bet you’re salivating and dreaming of your next meal! The suggestion here is to stuff it with tomato and mozzarella. Simple and irresistible!

13. Calzone of brigadeiro with strawberry: are the confectioners on duty around here? Imagine filling a calzone with a gourmet brigadeiro in a pan and strawberries… Hmm, it made your mouth water, right? Prepare for friends and get everyone’s compliments.

14. Calzone de Nutella: and of course the sweetheart of the candy universe couldn’t be left out of this list! The dough doesn’t have many secrets, it’s pretty similar to most of the others on this list. The star of this dish is actually the Nutella filling with mascarpone cheese. These two ingredients are in perfect balance, which doesn’t make your calzone too sweet. To serve, sprinkle powdered sugar on top after baking and impress everyone in your house!

Are you sick of traditional pizza and want to change the menu? Bet on the calzone! It is as delicious as the good old pizza, but innovates in the presentation format and allows you to create an infinity of flavors, whether sweet or savory. Do you already know which one you’re going to prepare the day you hit that urge to eat something different?

If you like easy and quick recipes, check out this selection with some open esfiha options perfect for those who have a busy daily life.

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