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Children’s Party Theme: Around the World

Traveling is a lifetime investment. After all, the experiences acquired during this immersion in another culture represent an opportunity for a rich learning experience. For school-age children, the party theme Around the world it can become a beautiful exercise in recognizing countries and getting in touch with different dishes, music and languages.

The first step in organizing the party is creating a different menu; crucial for this event proposal. In addition to traditional dishes and appetizers from Brazilian parties, try to include one or two typical dishes from the countries represented in the decor. It is interesting to show the children the ingredients used, the preparation process and a little more about the honored culture.

Use all your creativity to explore the curious side of little ones by proposing activities that encourage each age group to learn something new. Flags, coins, sights, the most famous culinary dishes, official languages… There is no shortage of information that can be conveyed in a creative way.

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When it comes to the decoration itself, the main care that parents should take is to avoid visual pollution. In the desire to represent a large number of nations, it is common for the end result to be confusing and unimpressive. To avoid this error, the ideal is to choose a maximum of five countries. Thus, guests will be able to more easily identify the nuances of decoration that express a certain culture.

The theme combines well with a vintage proposal, mixing earthy tones, blue and red. Elements such as a world map, planes, balloons, suitcases, stamps and passports cannot be missing. Don’t miss the opportunity to involve the whole family in the process of creating the event’s visual identity. Also search for travel souvenirs among friends and family to complement the table decor.

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