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Purple Lipstick: A striking shade to highlight your lips

Red, pink and even nude lipsticks are more than common, but recently another color has gained the lips of women and has been successful in the most varied makeups. Purple lipstick became part of makeup kits and used by celebrities such as Isis Valverde, Lorde and Katy Perry.

For Torriton Beauty & Hair makeup artist and eyebrow designer Ligian Barduco, the color purple alone is fascinating. “When we put stronger tones in the mouth, the tendency is to make the eyes more relaxed, but it depends a lot on who is using it and the shade of the lipstick, as purple can travel through various shades from lilac to maple”, she says.

According to the makeup artist, purple lipstick looks beautiful on all skin types. “But you have to be careful with the tonality. The darker and stronger tones look great on lighter skin and the more open and light tones look great on brunettes, but this is not necessarily a rule,” she details.

Tips for using purple lipstick

Combining purple lipstick with the eyeshadow may not be an easy task, but Ligian gave some touches that can help when choosing the eyeshadow color. “The shades of brown, gold and pink are very good, the purple and lilac also harmonize. I like it when used with just mascara and eyeliner,” she teaches.

Another question is whether you can wear purple lipstick on a daily basis, as it is a very prominent color. According to the makeup artist, yes it is possible and it depends on the woman’s personality. “I believe that the shade of the lipstick has a lot to do with the personality and the moment of life of each woman. Purple is democratic, as it travels through several shades, so you can use it on a daily basis, yes,” he reinforces.

If it is possible to wear it on a daily basis, it is also more than suitable to wear purple lipstick on more chic occasions. “If you have a more formal occasion, have attitude and harmonize with clothes and hair, I think it looks very beautiful and chic”, guides Ligian.

About being able to wear purple lipstick at any age, the makeup artist is categorical. “As with skin tone, care must be taken to make it look good, it’s the same with age. But any lipstick can and should be worn by any woman who feels good and beautiful with it.”

5 makeup tutorials to use with purple lipstick

The tips given by the makeup artist already help you to do an amazing makeup. But if you want to learn the complete step-by-step of perfect makeup to be used with purple lipstick, here are five tutorial videos that will teach you detail by detail how to combine purple lipstick and rock makeup.

1. Party makeup with purple lipstick by Lu Ferraes

Makeup artist and blogger Luciane Ferraes teaches how to make a very striking makeup in this tutorial. It uses many national and easily accessible products which helps to be easier to copy. The makeup is with all eyes and all the mouth too, complete with false eyelashes, brown smokey and purple lipstick.

2. Makeup inspired by Ariana Grande by Camila Coelho

In this other tutorial we have the blogger owner of Super Vaidosa, Camila Coelho, teaching a makeup used by the singer Ariana Grande. In the eyes, she uses more neutral shadows pulled towards gold, with cat eyeliner and false eyelashes. Finishing the makeup, the purple lipstick on the lips gives the highlight tone in the look.

3. Cut crease makeup with purple lipstick by Alice Salazar

Makeup artist Alice Salazar shows, in this tutorial, how to make a cut crease makeup that leaves the crease well defined by dividing the eyelid. The shadows are neutral, but very striking, leaving the eye in the spotlight. To finish her makeup and make it more vibrant, Alice also preferred purple lipstick.

4. Colored makeup by Ellen Medeiros

If your idea is to do a more colorful makeup with purple lipstick, this video can show you the way. Blogger Ellen Medeiros shows a tutorial using greenish eyeshadow, green eyeliner and purple lipstick for the lips, creating a harmonious and colorful makeup.

5. Makeup with glitter and purple lipstick by Heler Marucci

Makeup artist Helder Marucci is a fan of very striking makeup, always betting on strong eyes and mouth. This step-by-step is no different and he teaches you how to make a very black eye with glitter. In the mouth, the makeup artist’s suggestion is a darker purple lipstick, creating a very dramatic makeup.

9 shades of purple lipstick that suit every woman

Here are nine suggestions for purple lipsticks you can buy right now. There are several shades and, for sure, some of them will perfectly match your skin tone and your style.

10 amazing makeup with purple lips

If even after the tips and tutorials you still lack inspiration, see below several images with beautiful makeup using purple lipstick. Use them for inspiration and to copy now.

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