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Baby boomer nails: 65 photos and tutorials to bet on the nail art of the moment

If you love decorated nails, you must have heard of the baby boomer nail. This nail art is a sophisticated version of francesinha. She also has the tips of the nails lighter, but the transition of tones is subtle, forming a gradient. Check out photos and tutorials to bet on this nail art now!

Baby boomer nail: 65 photos to inspire you and make your own

The baby boomer nail, like the francesinha, can be styled in different ways and made in different nail shapes. With stone, minimalist, with glitter… There are countless ideas for you to be inspired! Check out 65 photos of this nail art and choose one to do.

1. Baby boomer nails are a trend in the nail art world

2. With the lighter tip…

3. And a gradient of tones, she’s really sophisticated

4. And you can bet on a decorated baby boomer nail

5. In addition to the “faded” effect, how about adding pebbles?

6. Jewelry makes nails perfect for a special occasion

7. And highlight any nail art

8. Or, it is possible to make a baby boomer nail with glitter

9. And a neat design

10. The glitters will make your hand more delicate

11. In addition to the traditional finish

12. You can also think of a matte effect

13. Or holographic, smashing!

14. With glitter powder you get that sparkling effect

15. And with a specific top coat it is possible to leave the nail matte

16. And they’re still flawless!

17. This nail art can be made in different formats

18. In the shortest ones

19. In averages…

20. Even the super long ones

21. Fiberglass baby boomer nails are on trend

22. Just like the porcelain ones

23. Some people prefer the gel ones

24. Or just the “tip”, to make it more natural

25. And all these techniques are used for those who want to have longer nails

26. You can choose to make them for a special event

27. After all, there are several neat ideas for you to be inspired by

28. There are golden nails, full of glamor

29. Highlighting the ring finger

30. With jewelry

31. Too much shine

32. This one with stars is cool and charming

33. This one with a floral design is ideal for brides

34. Want something more elegant? Get inspired by this one!

35. You can choose a very light shade to make the base

36. Or a stronger one, like pink

37. The nude is discreet

38. With the gradient it is possible to highlight the white

39. Or for the light pink

40. The secret is time to make the transition of tones

41. So that it doesn’t get marked, the tip is to use a sponge

42. The baby boomer nail is a modern version of the francesinha

43. It’s an idea for people who get their nails done often

44. But wants to innovate in nail art

45. To make it even more exclusive, you can finish with a gloss

46. ​​Or with stickers

47. These details are super cute and delicate!

48. In addition to the traditional shades, it is possible to make a colorful baby boomer nail

49. You can bet on a finish full of color

50. Or with shine on the tips

51. Jewels make nails super powerful

52. This sparkly sparkle is perfect for an evening occasion

53. And this nail art matches the most diverse nail formats

54. With the rounded ones

55. Even with the tightest

56. Stilettos are modern

57. The baby boomer ballerina nail is classic!

58. To maintain this format, frequent care is needed

59. Baby boomer nails are successful for their clean look

60. But they can be decorated with drawings

61. Or other elements such as pebbles

62. It’s a great idea for those who like a discreet and elegant look

63. From the simple baby boomer nail…

64. To the most sophisticated

65. This nail art is proven to be a hit!

To keep your nails up to date in everyday life, it’s worth betting on baby boomer clean, with a subtle gradient of tones. For special occasions, get inspired by glitter or jeweled nail art. Which of these inspirations will you try to do first?

Baby boomer nail: 5 tutorials for you to know how to do it

Although it looks simple, the baby boomer nail requires some practice to come out perfect. Check out 5 tutorials on how to make this nail art in different ways. There are ideas with nail polish, gel and even a step by step with acrylic nails.

Simple and easy baby boomer nails

To make a simple and easy version of Baby Boomer, you will only need two-tone nail polish and a sponge to create the gradient. The shade of pink is up to you, and the complete step by step can be followed in the video.

Decorated baby boomer nail: complete tutorial

This video shows us the complete step-by-step on how to make a neat baby boomer nail. In addition to the transition of tones, this nail art is finished with mirror powder, which gives a stunning finish to the nails.

Baby boomer nail with glitter

And the baby boomer effect is even more elegant when done on long nails. In this tutorial, we follow how to do the technique in encapsulated nails and the tricks to finish with glitter.

colorful baby boomer nails

If you’re one of those people who loves a different nail art and full of color, you can’t miss this video. These baby boomer nails have the opposite gradient effect, with colored tips. Oh, and you can choose a nail polish color of your choice to make!

Baby boomer ballerina nails

The ballerina nail is one that is shaped like a pointe shoe. In this tutorial, we follow the complete step by step of how to make a baby boomer in acrylic powder nail. It takes practice and some professional equipment. The result, however, is impeccable!

Now that you know everything about baby boomer nails, just separate your favorite nail polishes and try this nail art now! And to stay on top of what’s been successful, check out photos of the decorated nails of 2020.

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