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30 photos full of personality to use matte black nail polish

Black color goes from basic to powerful with ease. Full of elegance, black is a joker color, and therefore, it is a darling of nail polish lovers. To inspire you, check out the following ideas, where to buy and some tips on how to use matte black nail polish in the perfect way!

30 matte black nail polish photos to bet on this style

By itself, the matte effect makes a difference in any enamelling, but with the black color it is even more beautiful and highlighted. Follow now an incredible selection of how to dare with matte black enamel.

1. If you don’t give up sophistication

2. And a little black dress

3. This type of nail polish is perfect for you!

4. Full of sensuality

5. Matte black enamel demonstrates strength and power

6. Be on short and delicate nails

7. Or long and sharp

8. Prominence is guaranteed

9. And lavish glamour!

10. You can opt for a unique detail like this green francesinha

11. Or for something more subtle, like this francesinha with shiny black

12. Look at this leopard-print detail!

13. And this gemstone enamelling?

14. Speaking of gemstones, you can use them in different ways

15. From the simplest, to make just one point of shine

16. Even the most sophisticated ones that almost look like a jewel

17. And if you don’t want to wear rhinestones, you can opt for a holographic francesinha

18. You can dare an animal print style

19. Play with fun and romantic prints

20. Rock it with a lot of shine

21. Or with a more discreet glow

22. By the way, glitter nail polish goes well with matte black nail polish

23. Speaking of combination, black and pink make an unbeatable duo, don’t you think?

24. Black and white isn’t far behind either!

25. And if you have a more minimalist style, don’t be discouraged!

26. You can use nail polish with more subtle decorations

27. Like this black side contour with a nude nail polish as a base

28. Spread the wings of creativity and jump into this trend!

29. Always prioritize your style

There are so many beautiful ideas that it is difficult to choose the best one, right? Bet on your style and don’t be afraid to dare. Your nails will look amazing with this trend!

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Where can you buy matte black nail polish

Are you inspired to get your nails done but don’t know where to buy the right nail polish? This list can help you! Check out some stores below where you can find the best and most famous brands for this nail art.

  1. Matte black nail polish, on Amazon
  2. Matte black nail polish, at Shopee
  3. Matte top coat, at Shopee
  4. Black enamel, at Americanas
  5. Black nail polish, at Ikesaki

Choose your favorite brand, with a price that fits your budget and leave your nails beautiful with matte black nail polish!

How to make nail polish matte black

Check out the best and most important tips to make your nails perfect with this nail polish style!

Matte enamel with black enamel and glossy francesinha

If you want to make the perfect black enamel, Fram Alves can help you. With an impeccable step-by-step demonstration, the professional teaches and gives great tips to make your nails look beautiful.

Delicate nails with matte black nail polish

In this video Talita Cardozo teaches the step-by-step process to make an enamel free of smudges and defects, in addition to leaving the inspiration for a delicate black nail with heart-shaped film.

Black enamel with innovative matte artwork

Based on a matte base and a few drops of black nail polish, Fram Alves teaches you to leave your nails with a super different and beautiful effect. Follow the step by step in the video!

Amazing foundations with a matte effect

If you have a black nail polish, but it doesn’t have a matte effect, you can bet on matte bases. In this video Cibele Ferraz tests several different brands, demonstrating the effect of each one of them.

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Did you make a list of what you need? So get creative, invent new styles, test the options and rock your matte black enamel nails. And if you want to see more inspirations like this, check out these matte nail polish inspirations too.

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