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8 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Many women don’t exercise physically because they claim they don’t have the time to maintain such a routine and the money to pay for a gym. However, it is possible to maintain health and fitness through activities that are independent of gym equipment and can be done at any time in any physical space, from home to parks.

The issue of lack of time to exercise is not supported as an argument, as there are countless moments in which the movement of the body can be reconciled with another action, or situation of brief waiting.

Check out which are the physical exercises that do not need any special instruments or environments and that you can start doing now to escape sedentary lifestyle:

1 – Stretching

Stretching can be done even when sitting in the work chair, on the sofa, on the edge of the bed, on the floor or standing. All that needs to be done is to move in a way that promotes muscle flexibility.

Some simple examples of stretching are: trying to touch your toes without bending your knees, or stretching your arms to the opposite side. The ideal in this type of exercise is to try to remain in each position for at least one minute.

2 – Walk

Skip the bus or car, go to work, the supermarket or go out to lunch on foot. If your activity routes are very far away, walk at least part of the route, that is, get off a stop or two before your final destination, or park your car a little further away than usual.

Another good alternative to encourage yourself to walk is to combine this walk with the company of a friend. The time to catch up on the conversation will certainly be enough to keep the body moving on the walk or, if you feel a little more excited, on a run.

3 – Climb stairs

Instead of riding the elevator, take the stairs in whatever building you go to. If there are few places you frequent that have stairs, replace this activity with climbing ramps or steep streets.

4 – Dancing

Dancing is one of the best exercises to do, because in addition to doing good for the body, it makes you happy and fun. This exercise does not depend on whether you go to a club. You can dance when you get up in the morning, during the shower, while ironing or cooking, for example. Just be careful not to be careless and cause a domestic accident.

5 – Jumping jack

The jumping jack, as well as dancing can also be done at any time. One of the great times to do jumping jacks is during the break of television programming.

6 – Squat

Keeping your legs strong and your butt tight is simple, just do squats. According to the American magazine Cosmopolitan, the perfect opportunity to do squats is while using a hair dryer. Other excellent times to do this type of exercise are while waiting for the computer to turn on or for the nail polish to dry.

7 – Flexion

The push-up is also a healthy exercise that can easily be included in your routine. When you’re lying in bed before going to sleep, do some push-ups, it will be great for your joints and you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep.

8 – Abdominal

Every woman’s dream is to have a flat stomach. The abdominal does not work the miracle of disappearing the tummy if the person does not combine exercise with a regular diet, but it is possible to reduce the volume of the belly by strengthening the abdominal muscles, as these will make the body present itself with a better posture.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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