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5 ways to control your consumerist side

Consumerism is a problem that is becoming more and more common in the lives of many women. First, comes that feeling that she needs to buy numerous things or even just one (usually quite expensive). Then, when you get home, comes the guilt for having bought so much (often without having to pay). And finally, the worst: never even use those things she bought.

To stop this behavior, it is necessary to adopt some attitudes to prevent the desire to buy from seeming greater than anything else in life. If you think it’s past time to stop buying so many things you don’t need, check out our tips and escape this enemy that is consumerism.

5 tips to stop being a consumerist

1 – Shopping: enemy #1

If you need to buy clothes or shoes, prefer to go to a store on the street that only sells this type of product that you need and take the money to spend. Avoid going to the mall, they are always full of temptations for shoppers.

Analyze: have you ever found yourself in the situation of going to the mall to buy a lipstick, which would cost around R$30 and leaving without the lipstick, but with a R$300 boot? If this has happened to you, you will certainly understand this tip.

Going to a store on the street is a little less practical, especially if you have to buy two different things. But that’s the goal. If you go to the mall, it’s easier to buy items other than what you prefer. But going from store to store on the street is more work, so you’ll be less inclined to walk or drive to that other store you don’t really need to go to.

2 – Shopping with friends

If your friends are also shoppers, or even worse, if they can spend more than you can – avoid going shopping with them. When you see one of your friends shopping for a beautiful bag, you will also be tempted to spend it, even if you have ten other bags you don’t use in your closet. So when your friends invite you to go shopping with them, think twice before accepting if you don’t want to spend or don’t want to feel like it.

3 – Beware of the Internet

The internet can make you overspend. Promotions on group shopping sites, promotions on the sites of stores that you like, in short, there are so many resources to make you like it. Avoid window shopping at online stores late at night when you are bored. This can lead you to buy a lot of unnecessary things. So, only open an online store site if you really want (and need) one or another product that is there.

4 – Escape the lightweight 2 and pay less

These promotions that offer a lower unit price when buying in bulk may seem very tempting, but do you really need that many items of the same product? Before indulging in these promotions, see if it’s worth it and check if you’re really going to pay less per unit or if the advertising is misleading.

5 – Take the test

Finally, if none of the advice worked and you ended up inside the store full of bags, you’ll have to take a test ride. Ask yourself, “Can I live without this?”

Probably the answer will be “yes”, in this case, leave the bags and go to your house to do something else. However, if the answer was “no” or “maybe”, you should sleep on the subject. Leave it to go back to the store tomorrow. If your need is really true, you will come back the next day. If not, it’s possible that you won’t go back and stop buying something you don’t really need.

Following these recommendations, it becomes easier to gradually reduce the habit of exaggerated consumption in your life. If you think it’s impossible to follow all the tips at the same time, choose one at a time and end your consumerism little by little.

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