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Red curly hair: inspirations + tutorials on how to do it

Red curly hair is like the combination of black and white: it can’t go wrong and looks amazing in so many different ways. Check out below beautiful inspirations and tips to color and maintain your red curls!

30 photos of red curly hair to inspire your look

Have you always been curious to know how you would look red, but never had the courage to dye because you have curly hair? See perfect inspirations to help you make that decision:

1. Curly hair looks beautiful in red tones

2. Regardless of whether your curl is more open and loose

3. Or very closed and small

4. Red curls are sexy

5. hipsters

6. And very powerful!

7. Curly red hair is democratic

8. Matches with the hottest brunettes and women

9. As in pink and cold-bottomed skins

10. The copper red is a darling

11. It’s a harmonic tone between orange and red

12. Curly hair already has its natural charm

13. While the redhead is stylish

14. And it can also have many shades

15. Like a very natural redhead

16. The rosé gold tone

17. Or a color with a more golden background

18. It can be a fancy orange

19. A bright and intense orange

20. Or a color pulling towards red

21. You can be a coppery redhead curly

22. Or splurge on dark red curls

23. By the way, a coppery brown is perfect for discreet

24. The daring ones can bet on the marsala red or violet

25. Who can resist the charm of the dulce de leche redhead?

26. It is also worth innovating and keeping the dark root

27. Make a gradient with two different shades

28. Or even add an extra touch of color

29. Even the most traditional red curly hair

30. Brings more life and style to the look!

What are you waiting for to give your look up leaving the fear of being redhead aside? Surely, you have a perfect red to enhance your beauty even more!

How to dye and care for red curly hair

See the step by step to get your redhead at home and check out the best tips to care for and keep your hair always beautiful:

Getting a redhead without bleaching your hair

Check out the entire process of Bruna Vieira’s redhead, which was done by specialist Jean Philippe. In addition to Bruna’s transformation, in the video, Jean asks several questions about coloring and how it is possible to change color without harming the health of your hair.

8 tips every redhead should know

For those who are entering the world of redheads, here are essential tips for you and your hair! Gleici is a youtuber, hairdresser and redhead, so there’s only good information here!

How to get red with henna

In addition to the traditional dyes on the market, another option for dyeing red hair is henna. Learn all about this possibility and see the step by step of the coloring process with this technique.

Red hair care routine

If your question is about the care that red curly hair requires, this video is for you! The best thing is that the tips are practical, without many products and steps.

How to tone red hair

Dyed your hair red at the salon and are thinking about renewing the color at home? See how to revive your red with toner and tips to ensure a beautiful result!

After these tips, how about discovering the shades of red and gathering more motivation and ideas to choose yours?

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