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5 aesthetic applications of PMMA and its contraindications for application

PMMA is a substance used in cosmetic procedures to improve appearance, whether for facial fillers, lips, or other areas of the body. To learn more about him, dermatologist and professor at the Centro Universitário de João Pessoa, Dr. Ylka Virginia R. Gomes (CRM 5529 – PB), explained what the product is for, what its main applications are and whether its use poses risks. Follow the article!

What is PMMA?

According to the dermatologist, “polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a substance used as a filler in the form of synthetic microspheres, which was first synthesized by a German chemist in 1902. For aesthetic use, the first studies began in the 1980s. .” The professional reported that in 2004, PMMA was widely used for the reparative treatment of HIV patients with lipodystrophic syndrome.

However, “for aesthetic purposes, however, its indiscriminate use deserved public alert from the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) in 2006, due to inappropriate application and by non-medical professionals”, he pointed out. Dr. Ylka warned that “the unregulated popularization of the application of PMMA for aesthetic fillers and its use in large volume with inadequate techniques show PMMA as an inappropriate substance for this purpose.”

What is PMMA for?

Next, you can see the main applications of PMMA mentioned by the dermatologist and how they work. Check it out:

  • Lip filling: according to Dr. Ylka, PMMA injection is used to fill the upper and lower lips to modify the contour, increase volume or restructure them. In cases of lip restructuring, the substance is applied “when the lips are already suffering from the aging process”, she added.
  • Filling the face: the dermatologist explained that for this purpose, the substance can be used “to improve the contour of the face, injecting PMMA in order to simulate the bone structure. Also, it can sometimes be done to increase the volume of extremely emaciated faces and fill in furrows that accentuate with age.”
  • Nose Bioplasty: In this technique, PMMA can be injected “for nose rhinomodeling, modifying its shape in order to correct imperfections”, explained Dr. Ylka.
  • Thigh volumization: in this case, the product is mainly used by women with the aim of increasing the circumference of the thigh. Then, “much larger amounts of PMMA are injected along the entire length of the thigh,” the doctor said.
  • Buttock augmentation: the substance can also be applied to enlarge the buttocks. Thus, “immense amounts of PMMA are administered into the gluteal region to simulate muscles and appear firmer to larger glutes.” The dermatologist pointed out that the greater the amount of the product used, the greater the risks.
    • Before performing any procedure with any substance, it is important to consult a qualified professional. This avoids health risks and increases the chances of the procedure being successful!

      Risks, precautions and contraindications of PMMA

      The dermatologist warned that after using these filling materials, immediate, intermediate and/or late reactions may occur. The symptoms of immediate reaction are: “edema, ecchymosis, pain and necrosis due to vascular obstruction (leading to tissue loss and even in some cases blindness).”

      In cases of intermediate reactions, “formation of granulomas- ETIPS (inflammatory reactions due to infectious stimuli or even vaccines leading to reversible local edema)” may occur. In situations of late reactions, the professional reported that there may be granulomas (a type of inflammation), sometimes requiring surgical removal of the material (usually leaving unsightly scars).

      The doctor pointed out that currently dermatology and plastic surgery have evolved a lot. “There are numerous techniques and products that are superior in terms of results and safety in relation to PMMA, and their use is no longer justifiable today.”

      So talk to a professional and he will indicate the best technique for you. Now, if you want to remodel or increase your butt, you need to know about gluteoplasty, the surgical procedure that provides good results in this region!

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