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25 French Toast Recipes to Sweeten Your Christmas

Traditionally, French toast is made with slices of bread soaked in milk and eggs, fried in oil and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Simple and very yummy! And while the original recipe is a specialty in its own right, there are countless ways to turn the bun into the world’s most beloved Christmas treat. See the 25 amazing ideas we’ve separated for you and enjoy this delight!

Traditional French Toast Recipes

1. Easy French Toast: This recipe is so practical that you won’t have any excuse not to make French Toast at Christmas. Using only a few ingredients (loaf bread, eggs, sugar, milk, salt and cinnamon), you can make 10 servings in just 15 minutes. It’s papaya with sugar!

2. Vegan French Toast: Replace eggs and animal milk with wheat flour and plant-based milk to make a delicious vegan recipe. And here’s yet another little secret: the frying is done in sugar syrup, making the French toast caramelized. Make mouth water!

3. French toast with a touch of ginger: a special recipe for those who like to mix textures and flavors. In addition to ginger, the creator of this French toast adds nutmeg and liqueur for a touch of exclusivity. Although it looks complex, the recipe is easy to make.

4. French toast with orange zest: the citrus aroma is just one of the surprises in this recipe. The novelty is that, in addition to the traditional fried French toast, there is a roasted version that does not lose anything to the previous one in terms of flavor and crunchiness. Check out!

5. French toast (pain perdu): made with stale brioche soaked in egg and milk, the French recipe is simple and very delicious. Combine with ice cream, chocolate, fruit or whatever your imagination sends you and have a delicious dessert.

6. French toast in the airfryer: if you love sweets, but are not a fan of fried foods or don’t want to kick the bucket of diet, you can prepare the blessed in the airfryer. The result is a crispy, dry and much lighter French toast.

7. Brioche French toast: you know that irresistible buttered brioche bread for breakfast? It can also be perfect for preparing French toast, especially if the syrup has a special touch of lemon peel, like the one in this recipe. A delight!

8. Baked French Toast: Making it healthier takes a little more work, but it’s worth it. Learn a little secret here that will keep the bread moist while it bakes so that it doesn’t go overcooked and is very close to the traditional fried French toast.

9. Light French toast: if Christmas isn’t an excuse to get off your diet, see how to prepare a very low-calorie French toast with whole wheat bread, skimmed milk and sweetener. It’s to enjoy the festivities and eat without guilt!

10. Protein French Toast: a healthy, protein and tasty recipe to be consumed without weight on your conscience. Made with whole wheat bread, sweetener, vegetable milk and vanilla-flavored whey protein, the candy is as soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside as traditional French toast.

11. Fit French Toast: in addition to replacing the ingredients with healthier and much less caloric counterparts, this French toast is grilled in a non-stick frying pan, without any kind of fat! And to make the candy even more amazing, choose one of the filling options indicated in the recipe.

Different french toast recipes

12. Nutella French Toast: Just when you think you can’t make French toast even better, someone has the brilliant idea of ​​testing it with the most famous hazelnut cream in the world. I don’t think I need to say that it would be impossible to go wrong, right?

13. Churros French toast: already separate the bread because it will turn into the most delicious roll stuffed with dulce de leche you’ve ever eaten. You can call the whole family, because it’s going to be a success!

14. French toast pie: you know that French bread from the day before yesterday that you have left over and you don’t know what to do? It can turn into a delicious creamy pie consistent like a pudding. Check out this recipe and get ready to surprise!

15. Panettone French Toast: if mixing these two Christmas sensations never crossed your mind, don’t waste any more time, after all “if together they already cause, imagine together”! So, see how easy it is to make an amazing french toast with panettone.

16. Chocotone French Toast: Chocolate lovers who have been waiting all year for chocotone will go crazy over this crunchy delight. The way to make it is very simple and you can eat it hot, cold, with ice cream, fruits and much more!

17. French toast stuffed with dulce de leche: to make this wonder of the universe you will only need stale bread, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon and a generous dose of dulce de leche. Who else salivated?

18. French Toast with Nutella and Strawberries: a very simple recipe to make, ideal for those who like delicious desserts but with an easy and quick method of preparation! If you play with this idea made with sliced ​​bread, Nutella and chopped strawberries, you can also vary the filling ingredients according to your taste.

19. Condensed milk toast: a traditional recipe with the special touch of condensed milk and finished with butter. A delight that goes down very hot, cold or iced, with or without side dishes.

20. French Toast with Cream English: a spectacular version of the traditional crispy French Toast with light and velvety cream. To make the crème anglaise, you will only need egg yolks, milk, sugar and vanilla. Very easy to make and a super different dish!

21. French toast with banana and raisins: Christmas, which is Christmas, must have raisins, right? There are those who disagree, but there are also those who love it! If that’s your case, this French toast pie with raisins, bananas and chestnuts is all you need to sweeten up the holiday season.

22. Baked apple french toast: the most different french toast you’ve ever seen and full of secrets you’ll know! Made without frying, with apple slices and less caloric, it can be served warm or at room temperature. Accompanied by ice cream is even more unforgettable! # stayadica

23. French toast with port wine: the combination of bread and wine couldn’t be better! In this amazing recipe, the bread is soaked in wine and then goes through the whole process of a traditional French toast. After it’s ready, it still gets a port wine syrup. Yummy!

24. French toast with chocolate syrup: hello chocoholic on duty, this recipe is for you who put chocolate in everything and then some! Replace the cinnamon in the french toast with chocolate powder and add a syrup – chocolate, of course – to have the most perfect french toast ever!

25. Toast cake: in our list of different toasts, we couldn’t miss a cake recipe, right? The secret here is to add layers of cinnamon sugar interspersing with the raw dough. The result is a fluffy cake with a crispy crust that smells like grandma’s recipe!

With so many amazing French Toast recipes, now you have no excuse to leave this delight out. If you liked it, share it with the family and choose which one (or which ones) will be part of the Christmas dinner! And if you prefer something more summery, check out these ice cream pie recipes that are all about the holiday season.

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