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Face scrub: products and recipes to get smooth skin

What woman doesn’t want to have full, blemish-free and smooth skin? That’s why exfoliating your face is essential! Exfoliation eliminates dead cells, stimulates cell renewal, removes excess sebum in pores, preventing the formation of blackheads and pimples, leaving that skin soft and renewed. And doing this is very easy! In the market, you can find face scrubs with many other benefits, for different skin types and for all budgets!

To help you with this, we have chosen the best exfoliators on the market, homemade recipes that you can make with products you have at home and a step-by-step guide on how to exfoliate correctly. No more excuses! Here we go?

What is the best exfoliator for the face?

Here you will find specific products for exfoliation and soaps that fulfill this role very well. In addition to exfoliating, the products bring other excellent benefits!

1. Clearskin Exfoliating Facial Soap – $

Avon’s Exfoliating Facial Soap is a darling baratex. The product promises to do a deep cleaning, removing dirt from pores, impurities, excessive oil and dead cells, leaving the skin clean, soft and healthy. Its formula has witch hazel and eucalyptus extract, which brings a pleasant sensation of freshness.

“In addition to controlling shine, this soap has the function of minimizing pores, which is wonderful. It has eucalyptus in the composition, which in addition to the smell, has a freshness that you have no idea. This product, in addition to being cheap, is perfect.” – Joyce Punctual

2. Needs Facial Exfoliating Soap – $

Needs Facial Exfoliating Soap is indicated for daily skin cleaning. It removes dead cells and other impurities that accumulate daily and unclogs pores, helping the skin to breathe better. According to the brand, the product makes a deep cleaning, but without harming the skin. The soap is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

“It does a deep cleaning, closes the pores and facilitates the cleaning of the skin both after and pre-makeup. The skin is ready to receive makeup, with the feeling of a primer, closed pores and smooth skin.” – Beauty Tour

3. Neutrogena Acne Proofing Scrub – $$

Neutrogena’s exfoliator is a product suitable for acne-prone skin. Its formula has exfoliating microspheres and salicylic acid, which act by removing excess sebum and unclogging pores, as well as helping to treat and reduce blackheads and pimples.

“This product is very gentle on the skin. You will spread it out and feel much more like a cleansing gel and every now and then you will feel the particles dissolving and making a light exfoliation.” – Beauty questions

4. Natura Chronos Anti-Signal Scrub – $$$

The Natura Chronos Anti-Signal Scrub brings tempting benefits! The product has in the formula bamboo spheres, which remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, and glycolic acid, which penetrates the pores and stimulates cell activity, helping to reduce fine lines. The exfoliator also prevents the formation of blackheads, leaving the skin soft, luminous and uniform from the first application!

“It leaves the skin very soft, very smooth, it doesn’t attack too much, it’s good for those with sensitive skin. It fulfills everything it promises, which is to gently exfoliate, renew cell lines and diminish fine lines a little.” – Don’t Touch My Purse

5. Granado Facial Revitalizing Exfoliating Powder – $$$

Granado’s exfoliator is a little different from the others because it is in powder form. The product has exfoliating microspheres and promotes a gentle exfoliation, stimulates cell renewal and removes excess oil from the skin without drying, improving texture and freshness.

“From the first time I used this product, it became my favorite. It exfoliates the face very well, but without hurting the skin.” – Bia Munstein

6. Tea Tree The Body Shop Facial Scrub – $$$$

The Body Shop Scrub promotes a gentle exfoliation of the skin. The product helps to unclog pores and blackheads, removing impurities, oil and dead cells. Also according to the brand, regular use, in addition to leaving the skin clean and refreshed, helps fight acne.

“When we spread the product, you can feel an exfoliation, but nothing too powerful, it’s very easy to use. It brings an explosive feeling of freshness. It is a product that when I use it my skin feels very fresh. It’s not the kind of exfoliator that dries out and leaves the skin feeling tight, when you rinse it off, you feel a light feeling of hydration.” – Beauty questions

7. TimeWise Mary Kay Microdermabrasion – $$$$$

Mary Kay’s exfoliator is step number 1 in the brand’s care kit called Microdermabrasion, which also contains a restorative cream. The product has microcrystals that gently remove dead cells, reduce the appearance of pores and stimulate circulation, making the skin look radiant and smooth.

“The skin is very soft, with a feeling of cleanliness, pleasant to be passing the hand.” – Gabi Vasconcelos

homemade face scrub

The products you find on the market aren’t the only ways to exfoliate your face. With just a few products you can prepare an easy recipe that will also benefit your skin!

How to make skin cleanser at home + coffee scrub

In this video, in addition to learning how to make a coffee scrub to help get rid of blackheads and pimples, you’ll also discover the step-by-step instructions on how to cleanse your skin at home! It’s easy and you won’t spend almost anything! Look that!

Homemade exfoliator for oily skin

This trick is for you who have oily skin! You will only need the coffee grounds and another potent ingredient that will help your skin a lot. Watch the video and see how to do it!

sugar scrub

This scrub looks like those recipes from grandma’s notebook, but believe me: it works! You will only need sugar and water. Want to see how easy it is? Watch this video and find out!

Homemade sugar and honey peel

In this other recipe, you will also use sugar, but you will replace the water with honey, which is considered an excellent antioxidant and bactericidal.

How to properly exfoliate your face?

Now that you know which products to use, you need to know the correct way to exfoliate, right? But don’t worry, the procedure is simple and there’s no secret! Beautician Kelly Souza teaches step by step how to exfoliate.

  1. Clean the skin;
  2. Pass the exfoliator in circular and upward movements;
  3. Rinse with plenty of water and remove all residues;
  4. Dry carefully.

How often should you exfoliate your face?

According to the beautician, exfoliation can be done once a week or every 15 days for those with dry skin and up to twice a week for oily skin.

Did you see how taking care of our face is easier than it looks? And here’s another tip: in addition to exfoliation, masks are essential. See more about face masks and show off a young and beautiful face for longer!

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