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10 ways to feel motivated while on a diet

Keeping yourself excited about going on a weight loss diet is a big challenge. Many women report feeling unmotivated with the gradual results and moody with changes in eating habits, as they want the changes in the body to be more evident in a short time and have food as a source of pleasure and psychological compensation.

In order for the diet to be successful, besides willingness, psychological preparation is necessary: ​​“The person needs to have the desire to lose weight and make the weight loss happen, but they must educate themselves psychologically so as not to set goals or rigid routines that are difficult to sustain and that will imply in failure”, guides nutritionist Isabella Peixoto.

Considering the most common situations of apathy regarding diet, American blogger Lisa Washington has created a list of ten pieces of advice for women to stay focused on their weight loss goal and to be able to go through the process of adapting their diet in a less drastic way, see :

1 – Reassess your relationship with weight loss

One of the best ways to stay motivated to lose weight is to rethink how you handle the need to lose weight. That is, you must not turn weight loss into an all-or-nothing situation, where you have to lose a certain amount of weight or the attempt was a failure.

Everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and when a person only focuses on eating healthier and keeping the body active, they don’t feel losing weight as a task with a agonizing psychological burden.

2 – Set sensible goals

The person who sets unrealistic goals for himself forces himself to fail and feel bad about the situation. Make sure you set reasonable goals for yourself during your weight loss journey. As each person knows himself, he knows how challenging each small step is and how much of a gradual effort he can impose himself to successfully evolve.

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3 – Dress well when exercising

Beautiful gym clothes can be a great motivation to lose weight, as they encourage you to work harder to achieve your best self. Exercising in ugly clothes can make you feel like your body is not good enough or make you feel ridiculed when you exercise.

4 – Celebrate your victories

These days, it’s much easier to choose processed foods over a home-cooked meal and pack your days with countless tasks that prevent you from taking the time to exercise, so any victory against these challenges is significant. Celebrate healthy eating and weight loss by pampering yourself with a massage, beauty treatment or gift for yourself.

5 – Change the dishes at home

Change the dishes at home, both so that you can choose smaller plates, which make you eat in smaller portions, and so that you can choose colors that are less stimulating to the desire to eat, such as blue and green.

6 – Search and share information about weight loss

Read weight loss articles in newspapers, magazines, various websites and social media and use mobile apps to learn about calories, exercise and share with your friends your goals and dedication and keep track of theirs. Posting your progress or exercises on apps, blogs or social media helps you become more responsible and can encourage others too.

7 – Beware of model inspirations

Some people find that looking at pictures of super skinny models helps motivate them to lose weight, but that might not be a great idea.

A study carried out in the Netherlands studied two groups of women who wanted to lose weight: one group had a food diary with pictures of very skinny models on the cover and the other group had only a neutral logo. The second group lost weight, while the first group gained weight.

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The researchers found that the image of the models discouraged people from dieting by creating unrealistic standards. There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others, but you have to remember that every person’s body is different and that the main goal is to achieve a healthy weight for you.

8 – Sleep with your list of goals under your pillow

For those who believe in esoteric practices, writing down goals on a piece of paper, placing it under your pillow and sleeping on it can help you embody the energy of actions and manifest them faster.

9 – Think about your goals

Another way to get motivation is to think about your goals. Whenever a person feels that training or healthy eating is not and will not make any difference, they should ask themselves how their possible total withdrawal will help or affect their health in the next three months.

While skipping a few exercises or skipping the right diet every now and then doesn’t undo all the hard work, completely giving up on new weight loss habits now means getting sick or having to get used to it all over again or start over. in the future.

10 – Take it easy on yourself

To stay motivated to lose weight, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself. Whenever the motivation to lose weight is low, not being too hard on yourself is natural. Taking a break, as long as it’s short, a day or two, is nothing to worry about.

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