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23 porridge recipes that are pure affection in the form of food

For many people, porridge reminds of childhood. And there are even those who say that “it’s a child thing”. But the truth is that few foods combine as well with a delicious breakfast as porridge!

In its simplicity, the porridge is a pure example of comfort food and goes very well on the cooler days, but nothing prevents it from being consumed all year round.

Depending on how it is prepared, in fact, porridge can be the perfect way to start the day with healthy eating. Check out the recipes below, ranging from the more traditional ones, going through the healthier versions, and reaching really different preparations!

Traditional porridge recipes

1. Classic oatmeal: A perfect way to start the day is with a healthy diet! And did you know that a bowl of oatmeal provides a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber? Get inspired by this recipe!

2. Gluten-free and lactose-free oatmeal: in this adapted recipe, you will use plant-based milk instead of cow’s milk. Oats should be gluten-free and stevia should replace sugar.

3. Gluten-free and lactose-free quinoa porridge: gluten-free and lactose-free option for the classic oatmeal. It takes whole grains (rich in proteins), vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, as well as cinnamon and maple syrup (rich in manganese and zinc).

4. Corn porridge: easy to make recipe that takes few ingredients… Not to mention the flavor, which is incredible, to eat with a smile! You will use corn on the cob, milk, sugar, salt, and ground cinnamon for dusting.

5. Lactose-free tapioca porridge: perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. It can be consumed hot or cold, combined with the most varied fruits you like!

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6. Tapioca porridge: ideal for a delicious breakfast. It’s quick to make, in less than 10 minutes it’s ready, and very easy, just mix everything in a pan and heat it up. Simple, cheap and delicious.

7. Cornmeal porridge: perfect for the cooler days, warms the body and soul! You will use cornmeal, milk, sugar, butter, cinnamon stick and ground cinnamon for dusting.

8. Homemade creamed porridge: delicious, it’s made with milk, egg yolks and cornstarch, flavored with vanilla and topped with lots of cinnamon! Great recipe for a different and yummy weekend breakfast.

9. Very creamy porridge: the base is oatmeal, water and egg whites. Then you can choose the flavor you like, such as cocoa, chocolate or vanilla protein, cinnamon, coffee, etc. You can also add dried or fresh fruit!

Different porridge recipes

10. Chocolate and hazelnut porridge: it is very creamy and shiny, in addition to being easy to make. The tip is to cook the quinoa in milk, but if you want to speed up the process, you can add it already cooked.

11. Ovaltine porridge: a version that neither child nor adult can fault! The recipe makes for two people and you will only need milk, cornstarch, Ovaltine powder, cinnamon powder and sugar to taste.

12. Chia and oat porridge with figs and pear: for a delicious, nutritious and comforting breakfast. This vegan porridge is enriched with chia seeds and fruits (you can use whatever you like best).

13. Banana porridge with tapioca flour: to make this delicious recipe, you will need long bananas, condensed milk, tapioca flour and salt. The ingredients, by themselves, already say how tasty this porridge is!

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14. Coffee, banana and chocolate porridge: quick, simple, tasty and nutritious recipe using Whey Protein. This porridge is the perfect combination of the sweet banana flavor with the bitterness of the coffee… It’s worth a try!

15. Strawberry Quinoa Porridge: A light and tasty recipe for a delicious weekend breakfast! You will only need quinoa, skim milk, boiling water, brown sugar (or sweetener), chopped strawberry and low-fat yogurt.

16. Oatmeal porridge with chia and carob: vegan recipe, perfect for a different breakfast. You will use gluten-free oat flakes, chia, mashed banana, carob powder (or pure cocoa) and maple syrup.

17. Kefir, chia and oat porridge: a delicious and healthy cold porridge, made only with kefir, chia seeds, oat flakes (fine) and sweetened with honey. To accompany, you can choose the fruits of your preference!

Special porridge recipes

18. Protein porridge of oatmeal and egg whites: quick, practical, nutritious, it’s great for those who want to get out of their routine but “without overdoing it”. The recipe has a high protein value, even helping in muscle gain (for those who work out).

19. Amaranth protein porridge: another healthy option. This recipe uses amaranth, which is a grain with about 15% protein and a high source of bioavailable calcium, fiber, zinc, phosphorus and other nutrients. In addition, it does not contain gluten, making it an excellent option for those on a restrictive diet.

20. Rice Protein Porridge: For this recipe, you will use cooked whole-grain rice without salt, zero sugar soy milk, coconut milk or coconut oil, cinnamon powder or stick, whey, cloves and sweetener.

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21. Whey Porridge: Are you sick of the same old snack, but don’t want to get out of line? Try making this recipe that takes Whey, cocoa powder, coconut oil with grated coconut, banana and cinnamon.

22. Vegan oatmeal and banana porridge: this oatmeal porridge goes well at any time, whether for breakfast, afternoon snack or evening snack. A way to eat well without neglecting your health!

23. Milk-free porridge: the base of this recipe is cereal and plant-based milk. But you will also have tips on how to make it more protein and delicious, for a complete meal in nutrients.

Fall into routine? Never! With so many delicious recipes, you can make porridge whenever you feel like having a delicious breakfast or snack, without getting sick of it!

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