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How to dye your hair: step by step and tips for an impeccable result

Changing the color of the wires is a way to express yourself and the best thing is that you can do it at home! Want to know how to dye your hair and get a result worthy of praise? So, check out this step-by-step guide and tips for a mara coloring! Look what we separate for you to express yourself without fear.

How to dye your hair yourself

  1. Choose the color: first, you will need to choose your color! In addition, you need to pay attention to the product you are going to apply: toner (semi-permanent) or permanent dye. Choose what makes the most sense for you and let’s get down to business!;
  2. Strand test: Separate a strand of hair and apply the dye mixture, letting it act for an average of 30 minutes. Now, check the result: if the strands are looking weak and brittle, do not use this dye. This step is important to know what the final color result will be and the yarn’s resistance to dyeing;
  3. Hair Separation: Everything OK after the strand test? Then, it’s time to start parting hair for application. You must separate the hair into 4 parts for easy application. Secure with clips and get to work!;
  4. Time to apply!: With the help of a brush, apply the product all over the hair and massage a little so that the fixation is greater. Try not to take too long in this process and don’t forget to focus on the root;
  5. Wait the indicated time: Each product and brand indicates a time when the dye should remain on the hair, usually 20 to 40 minutes. Respect the instructions on your product packaging! Ah, remember that the time must be counted from the moment you finish applying the dye through all the strands;
  6. Remove the product: After waiting the correct time, rinse until all the dye is removed from the threads. Read the instructions on the packaging, as the removal process may vary from product to product. Be alert!
  7. Finish the process: Let the hair dry naturally or use a thermal protector if you choose the dryer. Ready! Now just enjoy the new hair and make a lot of success out there!

Did you see how painting the locks is not a seven-headed animal? To make the process even easier, we have separated some videos that can help you in this task. Check out:

How to dye white hair

In this video, you learn how to fully cover white hair at home!

How to dye hair black

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How to dye hair color

Want to dye your hair colored? So, check out this video that can help you get beautiful and full of life wires!

How to dye hair blonde

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How to dye hair light brown

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How to dye hair red

Do you love redhead? Then check out this video and learn how to be a redhead and powerful alone!

How to dye hair with toner

In this video, you understand a little more about toner and how to use it at home for healthy and colored hair!

Dyeing your hair yourself can be a way to save money and spend extra time taking care of yourself. Enjoy and play with colors!

Tips for getting a salon result

Now that you know the step by step of how to dye your hair, it’s time to check out some tips that won’t let you go wrong! Take a look:

  • Use a moisturizer around your face, neck, and ears, as this will help keep the ink from staining your skin. If there is any stain, just rub it lightly with soap and water;
  • Wear gloves during the application process! In addition, you can put newspapers on the floor of the place where you are going to dye your hair to prevent your house from getting dirty with paint;
  • Wear old clothes that can be stained without problems! You can even have that little shirt specifically for dyeing days. Thus, avoid staining more than one. Also, it is recommended that you use an old towel around your shoulders;
  • Pay attention to the amount of product needed to avoid embarrassment! It depends on the length of your hair. Generally, one box of paint is enough for short ones, while longer ones require two or more. Check with your hairdresser or the indication on the package;
  • Another important tip is not to tie or wear thermal caps while you are waiting to rinse off the dye. This can cause stains in the hair or change the color of the strands;
  • The washing of the threads depends on the product to be used. In the case of toners, it is interesting that you apply it with clean hair for a better result. If you opt for permanent dye, wash your hair at least 24 hours before application, as it is a little more aggressive and the natural oil can protect the hair and scalp from the chemical present in the product;
  • Stay tuned for after dye care too! Colored strands need more hydration and nutrition than normal, so try to hydrate them weekly. Also, it is important that you protect your hair from the heat, which means not using a hairdryer or flat iron without applying a heat protectant first and avoiding very hot water. Keep the color and health of the wires up to date so you don’t stop rocking!

Dyeing your hair might just be what you’re missing for a more lively look! And why not do it alone? Do not be afraid to dare! Want a tip to maintain the health and beauty of the wires? So, check out everything about saline in the hair and take good care of the highlights!

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