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Discover 6 different types of ponytail

The ponytail, also known as a ponytail, is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. The trend of tied hair was consolidated in the 60s, where women began to leave their hair longer and voluminous. Hair tied up shows more of any woman’s face and expressions, so there needs to be harmony between your face shape and the chosen ponytail style.

With the passage of time and the different techniques that appear every day in the area of ​​beauty, even women with short hair can bet on the ponytail as a hairstyle. The appliqués are on sale for this purpose.

We selected 6 different ways to use the ponytail as a hairstyle, valuing each face shape and hair type. Check it out below:

1 – Ponytail with braid

The braid can change the look of any hairstyle, including the ponytail. To innovate and give a more elaborate look to your hairstyle, choose to finish the tail with a braid, or simply make some thin braids before pinning the hair. The effect is incredible. You can use the braid to finish off the bangs if you want to keep them pinned down. Use your creativity and rock your ponytail with braids.

2 – Low ponytail

The low ponytail has become a fever in recent seasons. With a more modern look, the hair tied low and glued to the scalp, was the highlight of many fashion shows and it didn’t take long for the celebrities to also join the trend. However, special care is needed for this hairstyle, as it makes the ears very evident, if you don’t like yours or prefer to emphasize another part of the face, choose another type of ponytail.

3 – Messy looking ponytail

The messy ponytail is perfect for those who want a more relaxed and modern look in their hair. The elaboration of this hairstyle is a little more complicated, as you have to deconstruct the hair and then build it up again. The comb is the best ally to leave the strands frayed. A volume spray also helps to give a more armed result for those with finer hair.

4 – Ponytail for those with bangs

The fringe can often enhance your ponytail, as it does not leave the forehead in evidence, for those who prefer a more discreet hairstyle, the fringes give a subtlety to your ponytail. If you don’t have bangs but want to keep this effect more subtle, try using fringe appliqués. They make your hairstyle look amazing and all without having to use scissors.

5 – Simple ponytail

The simple ponytail is the easiest and fastest to perform. So a good tip is to use it in sudden events, where you don’t need a lot of accessories and not a lot of time to elaborate the hairstyle. It is important to remember that whichever ponytail you choose, it is necessary to pay attention so that it has a good finish.

In this case, it is important that women with wavy and curly hair do a brush beforehand to keep the hair looking smoother. You’ll need a good hairspray to keep your hair in place throughout the event. To finish, the most common thing is to use your own hair wrapped in a ponytail.

6 – Ponytail for curly hair

If you think the ponytail can only be used on straight hair, you are wrong. Wavy and curly hair looks great if it’s tied correctly. The important thing is to know what the desired effect is. If you just want to keep the ends curled, smooth the roots. If you prefer to keep it looking natural, just use your fingers to keep the curls intact. For those who have straight hair and still want to look curled up in their ponytail, using a curling iron is the easiest and fastest way to get the desired result.

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