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You need to understand the importance of being helpful

It is a fact that many people often feel alone and are not satisfied with their own constructions in life. This generates bad mental vibrations, grudges, resentments and, along with other complications, the inevitable and anguished questions: “why don’t I have a life of greater success? Why is love so difficult to achieve? Why do my goals seem move away from me as I run to them?”

This set of dissatisfactions is so negative that it spreads in various directions of the environment, contaminating all attitudes with difficulties. The strength of the mind is a kind of energy that does not cease, but that can be transformed and, with that, improve the situation of those who are unhappy.

As water turns into steam and disperses into the atmosphere, hostile mental energy ends up infiltrating the smallest attitudes and behaviors of people close to it. To avoid this dark condition, it is necessary to neutralize and remove the dissatisfaction that, once overcome and overcome, takes the human being to regions of greater understanding and tranquility.

Make a mentalization every day when you wake up and when you go to bed. Focus and see how you have opportunities in life, how good it is to see, learn, speak and be able to dedicate yourself to the search for a greater truth that can explain the obstacles before us: health deficiencies, failures in love, stains in the profession. .

Regardless of religious option or philosophical worldview, anyone who raises his thought to the infinite love of God, thanking him for his sacred presence, will be on the right path to face difficulties and project himself to a more improved energy level, improving his opportunities in life. life.

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Meditating on serenity is the way to better understand the pieces and their positions on the board, the moves and possible strategies so that we can do useful things. Believe it!

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