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When your world falls apart

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their world fall apart, and all they can do is stare.”

(F. Scott Fitzgerald)

At certain moments in our lives, the harmony I had is broken. It’s like a puzzle in which one piece doesn’t fit right. What happened? Why does everything suddenly turn against us? Those strong and safe pillars become weak ones full of cracks..

Maybe your job has started to go wrong, problems with your partner have appeared, or disease It’s stalking your life. Surely, you feel identified and understand perfectly what it is. feel helpless while everything around you falls apart.

But not everything is negative. You should never give up, even when you lose confidence that everything will be fine again. Next, we tell you what you can do when you see how the world falls around you without you being able to do anything.

Put it into practice!


We must not accept or give up In this situation. Even if your world is shattered, remember that giving up is not an option. Do you really want to quit before trying? don’t avoid the topic, let off steam! This is the first step to facing the real problem.

“The best warrior is not the one who always triumphs,

but he who returns without fear to battle…”

(Dolores Ibárruri)

You can take some time to think, do something new… But above all, all you have to do is cry. Cry, because you will need it. Then you will be reborn, you will rise with more strength to face all the problems that come.

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Allow yourself to vent. This will not make you weaker, but stronger. In addition, it will allow you to take your time to think about how to face the problem, what will be your next step?

Don’t ever give up. Everything can be solved. You are not made to settle and accept defeat.

Cherish every moment of happiness

Not everything has been bad and looking back can make you encouraged and gain strength. Value all those moments in which you have had fun, in which you have truly been happy.. Not everything is bad! Simply, When everything is going well we do not appreciate it, however, we do notice when everything is going wrong.

An example would be when we have the flu or any other illness that leaves us at home and bedridden for a few days. It is at that moment when we value the moments in which we have been healthy, but haven’t you done so until now?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Value every moment of happiness that exists between so much disaster. Use this to gain strength and face whatever comes. Even if you can’t do anything, you won’t always be in this situation.

I know it discourages that a discomfort extends over timebut sooner or later it will pass! Don’t lose confidence, be strong. Everything will be fine again.

When the sun shines again

“No matter how long the storm is,

“The sun always shines again through the clouds.”

(Khalil Gibran)

After a long period of struggle, when you no longer have the strength left for more, things will shine again! When you least expect it you will smile again with hopeeverything will be fine again and you will begin to not value these moments that you could describe as “perfect”. Don’t do this!

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Don’t give up because your effort will have its reward. Sometimes we try to find a reason for our misfortunes, but they don’t have one. They just happen and you have to face them. We will learn, we will grow stronger, and we will appreciate the moments when everything is fine.

A negative attitude It will cause you to isolate yourself, causing negativity to be attracted. Be brave and do not complain! Face this challenge with maturity and you will be able to emerge victorious from it. Your attitude will make you see a ray of light among so much darkness. Things are getting better, they really are..

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