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VSCO girl nails: 30 ideas to adopt the style of the moment

VSCO girls are girls and women who created a new style based on the aesthetics of the VSCO photo editing app. One of the highlights of this style are the nails, full of color and with more minimalist decorations. We separate beautiful VSCO girl nail inspirations for you. Ready to dive even further into this trend?

30 VSCO girl nails to join the trend

Watch out! This selection contains beautiful photos and you will feel an immense urge to go running and paint your nails. The warning is given, okay? See 30 amazing ideas to make your hands super stylish and instagrammable.

1. The coolest thing about VSCO nails is that they don’t have a specific definition

2. And this allows you to create the composition you want

3. You can make a gradient

4. Paint only one nail another color

5. Or one of each color


7. Innovating in francesinha is also trendy in VSCO nails

8. They can be colored

9. And also with different designs

10. What stands out most about this style are the colors

11. Traditional tones are left a little to the side

12. To give way to more modern colors

13. And compositions that escape the obvious

14. Making a rainbow is a really cool idea

15. VSCO nail decorations are also different

16. They can be more extravagant

17. Sensitive

18. Or minimalists

19. Nail art is different from what we are used to seeing

20. And surprise by the beauty

21. Pastel shades show up a lot on VSCO nails

22. And you can vary the way you use them

23. A lot of charm in one photo

24. And style to give and sell

25. VSCO girl accessories in perfect harmony with the nails

26. Choose a cool setting to register your nails

27. Capriche in the chosen colors

28. On accessories

29. In the perfect frame to post

30. And get a shower of likes!

Have you already chosen your favorite? Now just save your references, paint your nails and hit the click to post. It will be so beautiful you won’t even need a filter!

How to do VSCO girl nails at home

References saved but still need a little help? Learn tips and tricks with the tutorials below.

VSCO multicolored nails

One of the most striking features of VSCO girls is their multicolored nails. In this video, you can see an amazing idea of ​​​​color composition and even see nail polish tips to buy. The chosen colors were green, lilac, blue, yellow and pink.

neon francesinha nails

Why make the traditional lace francesinha with white when you can make one of each color and still use neon tones? This video, which is very didactic, gives the best tips to create the perfect francesinha. You can do it freehand or use a specific sticker to help you. It looks beautiful!

Multicolored gradient nails

Another very interesting suggestion is to make a gradient starting on the little finger and reaching the thumb, starting from the darkest tone to the lightest, or vice versa. You can choose any color, even black and white, which are interspersed with three shades of gray.

heart nail

VSCO nail decorations are simpler without too many details. Learn how to draw this very cute heart, which you can do with a boleador or a hairpin. It sounds difficult to reproduce, but you’ll be amazed at how easy it is. It looks beautiful and you can use the color you prefer.

VSCO girl nails will make your days more colorful and cheerful, you can bet. Also check out these Tumblr nail suggestions, another style that is super hot!

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