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Visagismo: an alliance between your beauty and personality

Visagism is related to the expression of your personal image and personality. Often it just appears as a list of rules of aesthetic harmony, but it’s much more comprehensive! Therefore, we invited the visagist Luísa Fregonezi, from Cabelo’s Hair Peluqueria, who will explain the concept and expand the idea that one has of it. Follow:

what is visagism

Visagism is a concept that encompasses everything visual, according to Luísa. Therefore, it can be used in several areas, from medicine to architecture. In the case of personal image, “it helps beauty professionals to create a unique image for the person, within what they want to express”, says Luísa.

If a beautiful image is one that speaks about you, it is necessary for the visagism professional to know elements of your personality and what you want to communicate. Furthermore, what can influence this image is:

  • Haircut: There are lines and shapes in hair that have the same communication for everyone. For Luísa, it is through their employment that the desired image is transmitted.
  • Hair color: the same goes for hair colors – you can work with your visagist on the coloring according to the feeling you want to express.
  • Makeup: just like haircuts and hair coloring, make-up, with its lines, shapes and colors, is also an artistic means of expressing your being.
  • Eyebrow: there are people who say, for example, that for square faces, the only possible eyebrow shape is arched. That’s not how it works, explains Luísa, because your will and happiness are more important than rules.
  • Glasses: they are also elements of your image that can communicate for you. But remember, again, that visagism is not a box of rules. Who said that there is an ideal model of glasses for each type of face?

In short, real beauty exists when there is an integration between how you feel and how you see yourself. For Luísa Fregonezi, this alliance breaks any rule of aesthetic harmony to which visagismo is often reduced.

Is there an ideal cut for every face type?

According to Luísa, the answer is a resounding no: “Who said this is true?”, she comments. It is more important for the visagist to know about your profession, how you perceive yourself and your daily life, for example, than about your face type.

According to Luísa, it is obvious that the features of the face are taken into account, but this is not the determining factor for a beautiful image. For her, “a beautiful image is one that talks about you, that makes you happy. So I will never stipulate what will be done, everything is discussed together with the client”.

Videos on visagism to deepen the subject

There are other approaches to visagism that emphasize the rules and issues of aesthetic harmony. In the following videos, you can see more about the existing interpretations in visagism:

What is visagism, according to Philip Hallawell

In this interview with the plastic artist Philip Hallawell, the specialist who brought visagism to Brazil, you will be able to deepen your ideas about what visagism really is.

Visagism by an eyebrow specialist

Keila Roque explains how visagism came about, what it is and how she applies this concept in her work such as eyebrow design.

Your image, your message

Do you want to know what consulting with a visagista is like? Follow this transformation and understand how it all happens!

Did you like to see visagismo from other angles? Take the opportunity to also check out the tips for each of the hair types and work even more on the expression of your image and who you are!

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