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How to match clothes with nail polish color and style

Nail polishes gain new shades and styles every season, and thus, go hand in hand with fashion trends. However, the productions gain an extra touch when combined with well-made nails, with coordinated colors. However, among so many options, mistakes and gaffes can arise when composing the look. The color of the nail polish should not be the same as the chosen tones of the pieces of the look, so they must be in harmony with it.

Among the easy-to-compose nuances are white, pink, red, wine, black, brown and beige. On the other hand, colors like blue, purple, green and metallic enamels require a little more attention. The most complicated options to coordinate, therefore, are fluorescent nuances, neons, bicolor nail polishes, and textured ones, such as craquelê, metallics and glitter nail polishes.

Therefore, monochromatic looks in black and white are correctly combined with all shades of nail polish, the secret is to be attentive to the occasion. For a job interview, for example, don’t wear flashy nails together with tailoring; opt for nude, pink or red. For festivities, if you choose shiny clothes, don’t use glitter nail polish.

So, when painting hands and feet in different colors, choose colors that speak to each other, such as light pink and grape, nude and coffee, aqua green and white, among others. However, combining make-up and nails with neutral clothes is the most interesting. See some practical examples of how to match clothes colors to nail polish:

Green and blue – For discreet productions, green clothes coordinate with brownish, aged and reddish tones, such as red and orange; Dark enamel tones like navy blue and black combine with blue looks, as well as orange for more daring productions, color blocking style.

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Yellow, orange and mustard – Yellow pieces combine with metallic enamels drawn to bronze, dark and reddish tones, and lilac; for greater harmony to orange looks, opt for nude, green and brown nails; mustard is a slightly more complicated shade to combine, so choose brown, orange and lilac for your nails.

Red, pink and lilac – Being an eye-catching color, opt for gold, nude, black, graphite and white to match the red; pink, a delicate color, calls for light nail polishes, such as metallic gray and black; easy to match, lilac coordinates well with almost any color: silver, pink and purplish tones are some of the desirable colors, as well as orange.

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