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Hydronutrition: a combo of nutrition and hydration for highlights

Hair requires daily care to stay healthy, especially when using a flat iron, curling iron and other items that damage the hair. Thus, it is necessary to have a good capillary schedule and include hydronutrition in it. What does that mean? Check out the explanations given by Gabriella Carvalho, hairdresser at Gaby Hair.

What is hydronutrition?

According to Gabriella, hydronutrition is a treatment technique that combines hydration and capillary nutrition. It “serves to revitalize the hair right after the first application, returning the shine of the wires, reducing the effects of frizz, as well as replacing the water and the lost lipids”.

The professional says that the treatment is ideal for “those with curly and curly hair, as curls make it difficult for natural oils to reach the length and ends of the hair. It is also highly recommended for hair that has undergone aggressive chemistry, such as bleaching.”

5 benefits of hydronutrition to make hair silky

Because it is a powerful and potent treatment, hydronutrition has several advantages for the wires. Gabi cited five of them:

Did you imagine that hydronutrition had so many benefits? Really, she is perfect for you to include in your hair schedule!

Hydronutrition in the capillary schedule

The hairdresser pointed out that the capillary schedule has three steps: hydration, nutrition and hair reconstruction. In addition, she explained that the organization of the table is done according to the need of the wires, and indicated that “hydronutrition should take the place of reconstruction in your table”.

You can say goodbye to dry hair. Next, you will learn a super easy step-by-step guide to make hydronutrition at home. Keep reading and enjoy the tips.

How to do hydronutrition at home

For those who want to do hydronutrition at home, Gabi presents a wonderful recipe. Check it out and save it to do:

  • Wash the hair with the shampoo of your choice;
  • In a container, add the amount of hydration mask indicated for the length and need of your hair;
  • Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • Separate the hair into sections and apply the mixture, leaving it on for 25 minutes;
  • Then rinse the wires well.

Now just test the recipe and enjoy the benefits of hydronutrition! In addition to this option, there are many others that you can include in your hair schedule. Check it out below.

Other hydronutrition recipes to check out and test

For the hair to receive different nutrients, you can vary the ingredients. In the following selection, check out powerful combinations. Best of all, the options are affordable and easy.

Hydronutrition with castor oil and sugar

YouTuber Carolaine Nascimento teaches a homemade recipe to moisturize curly hair. There are only three ingredients and the mixture must be applied after washing and left on the hair for 20 minutes.

Hydronutrition with honey and olive oil

YouTuber Juliana Louise brings an exclusive tip for dry curly hair. She doesn’t need to mix a moisturizer and uses easy-to-find elements: honey and olive oil. The idea is to recover very damaged hair and can pass on the scalp. The only detail is that she needs to wash her hair again with shampoo to finish the hydronutrition.

Powerful treatment for dry hair

The mixture of olive oil, sugar and a moisturizing mask promises to leave hair renewed after application. YouTuber Daiane Nascimento teaches a recipe and shows the application, as well as the result on her curly strands.

Hydronutrition with corn starch

Cornstarch, water, propanthol, argan oil and a hydro-nourishing mask are the ingredients needed for the recipe. YouTuber Joyce Lima goes through all the measurements and even explains how to apply it to the wires. The result is incredible.

I could see that hydronutrition helps a lot with damaged hair. What do you think about testing the technique on the wires right now? First, take a look at the article on hair growth schedule. The tips are amazing.

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