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Vetiver essential oil: what is it for and how to use it

You know that oil that will give you that “up” at the beginning of the day? It’s vetiver essential oil! Or that will help you have more security to deal with problems? So is vetiver.

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O vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria Zizanioides), also known as vetiver grass, sweet grass, fragrant grass or Indian grass, is extracted from Vetiver, a plant in which, unlike other grasses, the root grows downwards, and it can penetrate up to 6 meters in depth (photo on the right).

It is because of this characteristic that Vetiver essential oil is extracted from its roots and provides a feeling of “rootedness” and security for those who use it.

In Aromatherapy, this oil is indicated for those who seek more firmness, more structure and balance of emotions. Next, we will see in detail what it is used for, the properties and ways of using Vetiver oil.

Vetiver essential oil: what is it for

Vetiver essential oil has a strong and striking aroma, musky, balsamic, mysterious, earthy, woody, viscous and heavy. It is extremely powerful and can be used for various purposes, from physical to emotional problems.

See some of the main ones below and, of course, preferably only after consulting an aromatherapist.

alleviate pain

Vetiver essential oil is used to relieve pain, especially in the knees, joints and spine, as well as to help treat circulation problems in the lower limbs.

Balancing the base chakra

Vetiver essential oil, as it is extracted from deep roots, helps grounding, bringing security, works our basic chakra, we can use it to work the energy of the basic chakra, which is the energy center responsible for our structure, our base , and is located at the height of our genitals. It helps to carry out our projects, bringing security.

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reduce stress

It also helps to calm down and reduce stress, being great for helping to get a good nights sleep.

attenuate melasma

Vetiver essential oil can be used for melasma, because of its properties capable of lightening dark spots, but this does not mean that it is effective, as it will depend on the individuality and the origin of the melasma. Always look for an aromatherapist who can help you understand your issue and help with stains.

perfume fixer

In perfumery it is a very well-known aroma, it is the root of the plant that interests perfumers, because the aroma extracted from it is incredible and has a strong fixation power, being a natural fixative.

A curiosity: some famous brands of perfumes and cosmetics use Vetiver in their formulas, as a fixative.

Make up for family absence

In vibrational aromatherapy, vetiver oil helps in the family structure, for those people who feel the lack or absence of a father figure and perceive fears and insecurities in adulthood.

Vibrational compounds Security and Courage have vetiver in their composition, so they are the most suitable in these cases.

Vetiver essential oil: properties

Vetiver essential oil has powerful therapeutic, emotional and cosmetic properties and can be used in a variety of ways (more on that later). Now, I would like to point out some of those characteristics that make it one of the favorite oils in Aromatherapy.

anti-inflammatoryanti-infectiousregeneration and healing of the skinanalgesiccalmsincreases the body’s immune defensesedactivehormonal regulatorantisepticearth, working the connection with the Earth, being excellent for people who are disconnected and disconnected from the present momentreduces insomnia or difficulty sleeping, such as those who wake up many times during the nightantidepressantreduces disturbances sexual, such as frigidity, impotence and sexual trauma (always accompanied by the therapist and aromatherapist, as it can cause catharsis) in women, releases memories that generated traumas with the male figure, helps to meet their goals and brings meaning to life, helps with ADHD treatments ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and attention deficit, making it great for use with autistic children

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How to use vetiver essential oil

Each of the properties of vetiver has different uses. That is why consultation with a professional is so important, even to know precisely the frequency and dosage of the oil.

He has few contraindications. I indicate avoiding in patients diagnosed with cancer and not using before driving or if you are pregnant.

In addition, there is a moderate risk of skin sensitization from use, so the maximum dermal use level is 0.1%.

Below are some general guidelines for those who do not know how to use vetiver essential oil:

To have more energy: I recommend using 1 drop in the personal diffuser or Aromatherapy necklace.For days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, like a rainy morning or Mondays: a tip is to put 1 drop of vetiver essential oil and 1 drop of sweet orange essential oil in the diffuser, bringing movement and courage to start the day. Another suggestion is to mix, in 30 grams of cream or neutral emulsion, 3 drops of vetiver essential oil and apply to the soles of the feet when waking up. The mixture can be used every day.To alleviate pain, especially in the knees, joints and spine or circulation problems: Consult an aromatherapist who can synergize with vetiver and other anti-inflammatory oils that will help with both pain and the emotional cause of pain.For physical balance or against labyrinthitis: 1 drop of vetiver and 1 drop of peppermint in the aromatic paste until you feel the improvement.

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