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Urubici, in Santa Catarina: the perfect destination for a winter trip

The Espraiado Canyon is one of the main attractions of Urubici and belongs to the São Joaquim National Park reserve.
Photo: Reproduction MAXIMA Magazine

Get ready for a cold winter, between mountains and waterfalls. In terms of cold, in Brazil, Urubici, in Santa Catarina, is the first city on the list. The lowest temperature in the country was recorded there, in June 1996: an unbelievable -17.8ºC. The brand made the destination famous, which receives a lot of people between June and August – a time when even snow can fall. When it falls, it’s a party, both in the town and in its main attractions.

One of them is the top of Morro da Igreja, where the record was registered. From up there, at an altitude of 1822 meters, the view of the mountains and the pierced stone, a local postcard, are as impressive as the almost freezing weather. The area belongs to the São Joaquim National Park, a conservation unit that also helps to preserve another local star, the Véu de Noiva Waterfall (the water slides over a huge rounded stone to reach the natural well).

Another unmissable tour is the Serra do Corvo Branco, a five-kilometer stretch of the SC-439 road, which connects Urubici to Braço do Norte. Only 600 meters are paved, right where the largest rock cut in Brazil is located (90 m high and 100 m long) and the best stops for photos, which can even contemplate the southern coast of the state. Another road, the one that leads to São Joaquim, also leads to another waterfall, the giant Avencal, with a drop of 100 meters. There is no bathing well (which is not a problem in such a cold region), but lookouts that allow you to see the attraction from various angles. To explore the city with more adventure, it is worth betting on the trekking offered by two agencies in the city. The hikes last from four hours and can pass through caves, springs and canyon edges. A landscape more surprising than the other.

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Where to stay

Cambuim Farm
On the inn’s wide grounds, three beautiful waterfalls capture the attention of those who stay here. And the best: from the balcony of some rooms, you have a view of the waterfalls and the Cambuim canyon.
Contacts: (0**49) 9129-4536 and (0**49) 9118-5884, www.cambuim.com.

Pousada Kiriri-etê
The land, at the top of a hill, is embedded in the Serra do Panelão. And to make the most of this view, it is worth staying in the units with large glass windows – the panoramic view of the valleys and mountains is worth the trip.
Contacts: (0**49) 3278-5481, www.kiririete.com.

Pousada Alto da Colina
Installed at a height of 400 m, it guarantees a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The owner couple (she is Brazilian, he is German) personally take care of every detail – including the decoration, made up of pieces that he, a ship captain, brings back from his travels around the world. The rooms are not very spacious, but they have an LCD TV, DVD and a box-spring bed.
Contacts: (0**49) 3278-4669, www.pousadaaltodacolina.com.

Where to eat

The Tavern (varied)
Av. Pref. Natal Zilli, 3330, exit for Lages (Corner), 3 km. Contacts: (0**49) 3278-5121, urubici.net. Mon/Fri 6pm/10pm, Sat. 12h/15h and 18h/22h, Sun. 12pm/3pm.
It has a bistro atmosphere and an eclectic menu. The flagship is the Portuguese trout, which takes the fish sprinkled with breadcrumbs, accompanied by potatoes, onions, peppers, boiled egg, black olives and tomato. Serves two people. During the winter it prepares several recipes with pine nuts.

Atrium (varied)
Av. Rodolfo Andermann, 886 (Corner). Contacts: (0**49) 3278-5140, atriorestaurante.com.br. Cd: M, R, V. Thurs/Fri 7pm/11pm, Sat 12pm/11pm, Sun. 12pm/3pm. jul. and Jan.: Tue/Fri 7pm/11pm, Sat. 12h/23h, Sun. 12pm/3pm.
Installed in a beautiful mansion, with high ceilings, dim lighting and a space for children. Trout, the star of local cuisine, can be served in a recipe with pine nut paste, vegetables and rice.

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Canto do Sabiá (food)
Av. Adolfo Konder, 763 (Center). Contacts: (0**49) 3278-4181, cantodosabia.com.br. Mon/Fri 6pm/10pm, Sat/Sun 3pm/10pm. Jan, May/Aug and Dec: Mon/Sun 3pm/10pm.
All the decor is for sale, as well as the doors, tables and chairs. On the menu, wraps, salads, sandwiches, cold cuts boards and bratty pizzas. To accompany, 26 coffee-based drinks. Between May and August, it sets up a soup buffet on Saturday nights.

The landscapes of Urubici are enchanting
Photo: Disclosure

What to do

Avencal Waterfall
It is easy to reach both entrances by car. The first leads to the highest part of the waterfall, where there are two lookouts – one on the side and the other facing the fall, both great for photos – and an area for rappelling (only with your own equipment) and zip line (175 m, R$20) . In the second, you can see the entire waterfall underneath. There is no bathing well. Access to the upper part: km 34 of the SC-430 to São Joaquim, 7.5 km (1.5 km of land); lower part: km 29.5 of the SC-430 to São Joaquim, 6 km (4 km on land), plus a 20-minute walk. Contacts: (0**49) 9102-8729. BRL 3*.

Bridal Veil Waterfall
The water slides over a huge rounded rock – in winter, the fall can freeze. You can enjoy the waterfall at the bottom, diving into the natural pool, and at the top, sliding down the 230 m zip line (R$ 15*). BRL 2*. Contacts: (0**49) 3278-5325.

Morro da Igreja (1 822 m)
At the top of the hill, at the top of Serra Geral, is the Air Traffic Control Center, where the lowest temperature in Brazil until today (-17.8 °C) was recorded. Even without the cold, the walk pays off: from the place there is a beautiful view of the mountains and Pedra Furada, a local postcard. If there is fog, don’t even finish the climb – visibility is impaired and the Air Force closes access to the top. Another good viewpoint is at Chalé do Clé, a natural products emporium at km 2 of the road.
Str. from Morro da Igreja (access by km 13 of the SC-439 to Braço do Norte), 31 km (13 km of land).

Serra do Corvo Branco (1 749 m)
5 km stretch of the SC-439 that connects Urubici to Braço do Norte. Only 600 m are paved, but in one of the main stretches: the top, where there is the biggest cut made in rock in Brazil (90 m high and 100 m long) and the best stops for photos. When the steep descent begins, the dirt road becomes bumpy. Accelerating a little on tight curves is the best tip for seeing the foothills of the mountains and the southern coast of the state. SC-439 to Braço do Norte, 30 km (27 km of land).

Morro do Campestre (1 200 m)
A natural lookout overlooking the entire Canoas river valley, the hill is also known for its sandstone formations. Access is via Morro da Cruz Farm, a private property open to visitors. SC-439 to Rio Rufino, km 7, 11 km (8 km of dirt, with 1 km steep and precarious, plus 10 minutes on foot). BRL 2*.

Chapada do Lajeado farm
Place to spend the day and experience the farm climate. The price (R$ 100) includes milking, camargo (milk with strong coffee), typical barbecue, afternoon tea and horseback riding (those who arrive just to do the horseback riding pay R$ 30* per hour to go through stretches of forest and the apple orchard). SC-430 to São Joaquim, km 51, 22 km (Vacas Gordas). Contacts: (0**49) 9135-3966.

Two agencies organize itineraries from 4 hours to four days, which explore the mountain landscape – caves, springs and canyon edges (R$ 50* to R$ 600*). Corvo Branco Expeditions. Contacts: (0**49) 3278-2096 r. 24 (refugio@riocanoas.com.br); Graxaim. Contacts: (0**49) 3278-5617.

*Suggested prices in June/2011

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