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Understand the importance of Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 and in your life

We have Jupiter in Pisces in 2022! The planet amplifies the themes of the sign it passes through, which usually lasts for a year. Only this time it will be different: due to retrograde Jupiter, the giant enters and leaves Pisces in 2021 and 2022.

The transit of Jupiter in Pisces is divided into three parts:

The first took place mid-May to the end of July 2021 – that is, we had a preview of what we are going to experience in 2022 during this period. Do you remember what happened in your life? In the collective, that’s when the pandemic started showing signs of improvement.
From 12/29/21 to 5/10/2022
Between 10/28/2022 to 12/20/2022

Understand everything about Jupiter in Pisces in 2022, but also follow the Astrological predictions for 2022 and see here the predictions for the signs in 2022.

The meanings of Jupiter in Pisces in 2022

Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 symbolizes the return of hope and the right to dream, as well as the return of the “shoal feeling”, of being able to live with people again, after so much forced isolation due to the pandemic.

In addition, it can be especially expansive for those born under the signs of the Water element, such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces himself, who gain extra strength. Jupiter in Pisces exalts emotion, connections and connections – everything these signs love most.

In love, Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 is a more romantic placement for all signs.

JUPITER IN PISCES 2022 in your life

In your life, Jupiter in Pisces calls for a more optimistic and expansive attitude on very specific topics. For this, you need to know in which area of ​​your life you have Pisces in your birth chart. It’s simple to see following this step by step:

Access your free astral map on Look at the mandala of your astral map. Note that it is divided into 12 numbered parts and that all signs appear in it. See which house starts in Pisces In the example on the side, see that the 3rd house starts in Pisces. It means that the person will feel Jupiter in Pisces in matters related to the 3rd house. You must be wondering, but Pisces is in the 2nd and 3rd house. How do you do it? See only the house that starts from the sign, in this case, it is the 3rd.

Now that you know which area you have Pisces in, see tips for using Jupiter in Pisces 2022 to your advantage:

Pisces in the 1st house – This year, the invitation will be clear: get out of the sameness. It is the year to embark on some new adventure, such as learning something completely new, thinking about an exchange program or studying in another country. Get out of your shell and throw yourself into something! It is time to start a new moment in your life. You’ll also find it much easier to be in the spotlight – enjoy the pleasant light of the spotlight!

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fish in the House 2 – You can buy things that will expand your life, but beware of overspending. However, there are expenses that we rarely complain about, like traveling and living experiences, right? If your pocket is tight for this, this is the time to learn more about money or boost your source of income with something extra. Time to use your talents.

Pisces in the 3rd House – The year will be special for learning, learning about everything. Curiosity will be running high and learning will be very stimulating! In addition, you will also have a communicative power in the heights, being able to write, give lectures. It’s not a year of lack of standing still. Circulate, travel, allow yourself to meet new people and places. Communicate!

fish in the House 4 – All your attention will be focused on home and family, whether to renovate your corner, move house or experience special family moments. Maybe the family is expanding, with a new member or even a pet. Improve your private life! If you have difficult family and emotional issues, this is a good year to work on that too, make discoveries and change behaviors.

fish in the House 5 – You will receive one of the best astrological “authorizations” out there: go have fun. Really! Go play, laugh, have leisure, use your creativity, live love, date, do things for you. Invest in you! Take this moment to enjoy life more, because in 2023 the vibe will be very different. If you have any authorial work, release it into the world, be it a song, a book, a blog. Oh, if you have kids, enjoy them a lot.

Pisces in the 6th House – This is not a year for big moves, but for big improvements, whether at work, in everyday life or in health. The focus here is to make your daily life, health or work better. If you can, invest in promoting your work, this will bear fruit. And if you’re looking for job or industry relocation, chances are good. Promote your resume!

Pisces in the 7th House – Have you ever heard that phrase “go to the guys?”. Guys here is in the sense of socializing, meeting people, getting around. This year is not to be locked up. Getting around, meeting people, establishing partnerships (short or long term), exchanging is the best you can do. If you are in a relationship, invest in animating the relationship. If you’re not dating yet, throw yourself into meeting new people, because chances are good that someone interesting will show up.

Pisces in the 8th House – Here the advice will seem strange, but the tip is good. If you have a problem, lock, difficulty, knot, focus on working on it. It is the year of transformation. It hurts at the time, but it can greatly improve your life later. Go deep. You will come out of it all better. Cleanings are also favored. Voluntarily close one cycle and start another. Accept letting go of what needs to go.

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Pisces in the 9th House – Here is a pleasant house to have Jupiter, for it is the house of that planet! You know those big plans to travel, go abroad, start a specialization? You can go with all of that! It is time for great learning, philosophical and personal. The time has come to seek your expansion and listen to your inner calls.

fish in the 10th house – You have one of the best houses to have Jupiter: the career one. Your visibility – and popularity – will skyrocket! So, yes, it could be the year of a big professional change, accepting an invitation or carrying out an important project. Let’s say you’re retired, then think about what your important personal project is for 2022 and launch yourself into it. It is time for ambition and achievement.

fish in the House 11 – You are in one of the best years for meeting and making friends. Friends and groups that can stimulate you, expand you and bring good things to you. Count more on help, look for it. Seeking to be in a group and meeting people will be the big key for this year, including inspiring good ideas for your future.

fish in the House 12 – Your great treasure will be internal, so 2022 is the year to make a connection with you. This connection is what will give you intuitions of internal cycles that are over, which will start to make room for new things. Eventually, this is a silent process, insights don’t always come on time, but believe me. Great year for meditation and spiritual work. This is a time of gestation for new things, but not launches yet.


The first important thing to say is that it is a position celebrated by astrologers, as Pisces is one of the two home signs of Jupiter, the planet of improvements and expansions.

Every sign is ruled by a planet. When a planet is transiting in the sign that governs it, it is said to be domiciled, that is, it is “at home”. With that, he is ready to do as he pleases or, to use a metaphor, a king in his own castle. So, every household has great power to improve something.

The serious Saturn was in Capricorn, his home sign, from 2018 to 2020, and brought an intense desire for order and organization, collective and personal. Have you organized things in your life and matured?

From 2021 until the first months of 2023, Saturn will be in your other domicile, Aquarius, speaking in a time of great social modernization. Are you realizing this appeal to modernize and innovate in your life too?

But what about Jupiter?

In 2019, Jupiter was in one of the house signs, Sagittarius. The desire to travel, expand, do specializations, venture out and gain the world, which is very Sagittarius, was remarkable. It was a happy and euphoric year for many people.

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Already 2020 – a Saturnian year, with an emphasis on Capricorn – was a bucket of cold water, but also a lot of learning. In addition, a March year, astrologically impactful, was already predicted.

No sooner said than done. The pandemic put an end to any geographic and adventure ambitions, keeping people working – and a lot – at home, the face of Jupiter in Capricorn. Some people even had growth in their career from 2020 onwards, expanding their scope.

But with Jupiter in Pisces we resume affections and other dreams that are not just professional. It will be time to give strength to love. Pisces is even capable of actions such as adopting children.

But it is important to bring a touch of Virgo, which is a dose of realism. Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces. For example, adopting a child is a noble gesture (Pisces), but it’s important to understand the details and reality of what it all means (Virgo).


Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 is not going to be equal to Jupiter in Sagittarius (2019). Jupiter in Capricorn (2020) forced us to a great deal of realism, and it’s as if we were still a little under the effect of it, Jupiter in Pisces symbolizes the return of hope and the right to dream.

Next, see 10 possibilities that Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 will have.

Revival of hope. Those who have been without hope and sadness will possibly see the flame of hope and faith in their dreams again, whether in love or in another project of their lives. The luck factor starts to blow in your favor in several matters. Don’t miss the chance when it arrives.
Appreciation of mystical places. There is a tendency, from Jupiter in Pisces in 2022, for people to travel to mystical and sacred places, giving thanks for life and for overcoming this difficult test that the pandemic has brought.
Improving vaccines and advancing the pandemic healing process. Pisces is the sign, yes, of viruses, but also of vaccines and medicines. Have no doubts: Jupiter in Pisces in 2022 will boost the development of vaccines and healing processes. However, in April, Jupiter will be conjunct Neptune. It may still be a month of peak cases, of course not the same as before the vaccine, when the number of hospitalizations and deaths was at the heights.
Guide us by feelings and intuition. People are probably less guided by reason and more by emotion and intuition. With this, we can live experiences and explore paths that we normally would not try. For you who are a very controlling and rational person, it will be very nice to experience this new vibration.
Social and solidarity actions with more engagement. People become more sensitive and empathetic, wanting to do something for others, and this is one of the best things about Jupiter in Pisces in 2022! Maybe the world will need campaigns to help places that are going through…

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