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Tips for a good visit

Learn some etiquette rules to behave in your hosts’ home
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Even if you’re close to your hosts, spending a few days in someone else’s home is a touchy subject. The relationship between you can shake, and forever! To avoid delicate situations, etiquette and behavior consultant Fábio Arruda gives the following tips:

1- Only show up at someone’s house if you’ve been very kindly invited.

two- Only take companies that have been explicitly invited. Feel free to politely decline the invitation if you cannot bring a companion.

3- Upon arrival, ask the hosts to inform the house rules regarding times and customs. This avoids embarrassment

4- It is important that at the time of the invitation the time of your stay is agreed. In this way, the owners of the house can plan to receive you and do other programs after you leave.

Don’t arrive empty-handed: it’s good form to bring some food
Illustrations: Mauricio Melo

5- Ask in advance what you need to bring: bed and bath linen, food, drink… It’s good form to take some food and share the amount of general expenses. If you usually consume specific foods, take them!

6- If you meet acquaintances during the trip, do not invite them to have a meal in the house where you are staying. If so, the hosts will invite you.

Don’t even think about inviting other people over for a meal at the house. Let the hosts do the inviting
Illustrations: Mauricio Melo

7- If you are going to skip a meal, let the hosts know ahead of time so they don’t cook the meal or wait for you at the dinner table.

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8- Taking a simple gift to the homeowners is a nice way to say thank you for hosting. Flowers and picture frames are good suggestions.

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9- Don’t leave your toiletries lying around in the bathroom. Keep them in your toiletry bag or in your bag. This goes for all your belongings. Respecting the other’s space is a sign of education.

10- Even if there is a maid to clean the house, leave your room spotless, with your bed made and your belongings in order. And never lock the door when you go out.

11- Never bring your pet or ask if you can, unless the owner of the house adores your pet and insists that you bring him along.

Gratify the house staff
Illustrations: Mauricio Melo

12- Before leaving, reward the house staff with a little box. Put the money in an envelope and leave a thank you note. Before, consult the owner of the house about the value you want to give.

13- Actively offer to help with food and household chores. Do not show laziness. If the lady of the house insists that you not help, respect her decision.

Help homeowners with household chores
Illustrations: Mauricio Melo

14- During the stay, invite the hosts to a dinner that fits in your pocket and pay the bill. It’s a way of saying thank you.

15- If you are unhappy with the house rules and accommodation, tell the owners that a last-minute appointment has come up and you need to leave earlier than agreed. Avoid showing any discontent. It’s not worth picking a fight.

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16- When leaving, leave everything you took for consumption.

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