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The new running shoes for safely stepping up –

Those who work out know: the right sneakers are quite an ally for good performance in training. With that in mind, we’ve put together 11 new models for different steps!

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1. Gel-Quantum 360, Asics, R$900. Greater stability with each step and more flexibility and comfort for all types of steps.

2. Charged Bandit, Under Armor, R$ 330. Owners of overhand feet no longer need to suffer from excessive foot sweat.

3. Kr3, Fila, R$ 300. Made with the participation of Kenyan athletes, the shoe weighs only 176 grams.

4. Energy Boost, BRL 599.99. A neutral shoe that brings the best cushioning with BOOST technology, for runners of all levels.

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5. Vazee Pace, New Balance, R$650. The shoe’s lightweight sole provides even more energy for your stride.

6. Mirage, Everlast, R$ 260. Special for asphalt, it has an anti-torsion piece, which helps its natural movement.

7. Lunartempo 2, Nike, R$450. Recently launched, the model evolved and gained an inner layer, which offers more comfort and breathability.

8. Wave Catalyst, Mizuno, R$600. The lightness and extra support are great for those who enjoy fast runs.

9. Speed ​​600 Ignite, Puma, R$600. You expend energy and then get it back thanks to midsole technology.

10. Faster 4, Olympikus, R$ 300. Indicated for neutral and supinated steps, the shoe comes with a gel that provides better cushioning for the heel.

11. On Running Cloud, Track & Field, R$600. Touch the ground smoothly and stay away from injuries.

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