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The Meaning of Tarot Cards in Love |

There are days when the professional tarologist feels a little cupid for dealing with love issues bringing love tarot cards meaningbut which are not resolved overnight.

To the tarot cards they follow a symbolic tradition and a pattern of meanings that fit each area of ​​life. Therefore, identifying them is the first step towards becoming aware of your attitudes and improving them in respect for your loved one and yourself.

Tarot and Love

We will see then love tarot cards meaning based on the interpretation of how the first seven major arcana behave in matters of the heart.

The second step, therefore, is to recognize the one closest to your affective attitudes and answer the questions as sincerely as possible.

If you want a broader analysis of the Tarot meanings in love and your affective life, draw six cards here and read the card interpretations about their possibilities.

The Tarot journey is an adventure in transforming human relationships. Try questioning your love reality now. Work on your inner strength to break through negative patterns.

Meaning of Tarot cards in love

Think of tarot cards as an exercise in awareness and evolution towards the well-being of two. O love tarot cards meaning can help you respect the person next to you and trust your desires more.

After all, a good relationship is not built with uncertainties and emotional insecurities, but with true dedication and recognition of one’s own exaggerations. Trust in love. But be true to it; otherwise, how can love be true for you?

Now, from the major arcana, learn about how to take advantage of the love tarot cards meaning in your life.


Grand Etteilla. Paris: Grimaud, 1975

This arcane indicates always looking for the best. When drawing this card, therefore, it may indicate that you are investing in magical seduction formulas considered infallible.

Or still, be making plans and even lying to get what you want. Another side of this arcane suggests that your creativity contributes to moments of joy and pleasure for two.

In short, if you drew this card in the Tarot and Love game, reflect on these questions:

What is the ideal relationship for me? What do I want to find in another person?


This card symbolizes a person who is not used to showing his feelings.

O love tarot cards meaning indicates sentimental passivity from this arcane. So it might be a great time to look at your needs and self-esteem to experience love.

If this card came out for you, answer this question for yourself:

How can I get rid of shyness and build a healthy relationship?


This card suggests that you may not be seeing emotional impasses as obstacles, but as opportunities for growth with your partner.

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Furthermore, it also indicates that you grant emotional security to your loved one.

The questions below may help you reflect on this letter:

What are my main loving qualities? How can I make them clearer to other people?


This card can indicate that you are putting yourself above the feelings involved in the love relationship. And, therefore, their attitudes can be interpreted as altruistic, dry and too self-centered.

This arcane is practical, responsible and objective, but also controlling and even insensitive.

If this card came out for you, reflect:

What should I learn from the person I love? What should I improve in my relationship?


This card suggests that there is respect, dialogue, friendship and honor in this relationship. A fundamental characteristic of this pattern is fidelity, since love lasts a lifetime.

In the social environment, the Pope conveys an image of complicity with the person he loves, even if he knows how to keep his individuality intact and always strong.

So if this letter came out to you, reflect:

What do I learn from the person I love?


Traditionally, this card is linked to romanticism and idealized love. If this arcana is out for you, it could mean indecision, fears about the person you love, hesitation to attach yourself to someone else.

But it also indicates a desire to relate honestly and without questioning what is right and when it is right.

So make the following thoughts if this card came out to you.

What are my options for love? What should I consider before making my decisions in love?


Enthusiasm, expectation and desire for the loved one are attributes of this card.

But all that anxiety to arrive at a place of your own, when transformed into determination, can generate authentic affectivity in a stripped, sincere and satisfying relationship on all levels. While it lasts, of course.

From this letter, therefore, it is great to answer these questions:

What is the importance of the person I love in my life? What should I do for this union to last for a long time?


Indicates affective distance and relationship based on exaggerated formality and seriousness.

Everything that happens between the couple is due to logic, within the terms established by the union, therefore.

It symbolizes mutual respect before society and maturity in the way of acting, but affection and affection leave something to be desired.

If Justice came out for you in Tarot, reflect:

What should I do to balance my affective relationship? How should I break the ice of love?

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It means the inner peace that exists between two people who love each other.

The card indicates that there is a lot of affection, affection and dedication and reflects old values ​​that do not follow fashion. Therefore, it is important to remember that honesty and fidelity prevail, regardless of how long the couple has been together.

So, reflect on this arcanum:

What qualities should I improve in my love relationship? What kind of union am I building right now?


The biggest symbol of life’s ′′ ups and downs ′′ in Tarot, this card shows the power of anxiety and instability for the relationship.

It is common to have a thoughtless desire to achieve harmony and emotional balance. Thus, it is not without realizing that such an attitude entails obstacles such as stress, the unwillingness to maintain a routine with the chosen person and, of course, the unbearable mood swings that surround the couple.

Anyway, now try to answer these questions:

What should I do to keep my love relationship always harmonized and balanced? What qualities of my union should I preserve?


Here there is the awareness that love, any love, has to be for real. Therefore, the card suggests that there is a balance of forces, security and integration between the couple.

All the vitality, physical attraction and maturity of both parties contribute to a union full of affective prosperity, satisfaction and magnetism.

Therefore, this arcane suggests the following questions to reflect on:

What can I do to increase the strength of my love? What should I do to dynamize my affective relationship?


Symbolizes those who tie themselves up as a form of punishment for not getting what they want. So it could mean that you are feeling dissatisfaction and heartache.

Also, you may be waiting for the other person to change the way you act or see life.

This card, moreover, indicates marriages damaged by time, couples conformed to the doldrums and the absence of improvements for love to break free and express itself freely.

So, now do this reflection:

What should I do to completely change my affective relationship? What are the main flaws in my way of loving?


Difficult situations and a certain selfishness are the main characteristics of this card’s pattern. It’s common for her to appear when you want to improve your affective life, even if the initial feeling is literally dead.

What was once healthy now becomes incompatible, i.e. difficult. There may be anguish and lack of affection due to loving distance. Therefore, the card indicates that the relationship needs to be reviewed and interactions need to be recycled.

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If Death came out to you, try thinking about these questions:

What must “die” in my love relationship? How can I transform this love into something that truly makes me feel good?


This arcane indicates the tranquility of a stable relationship. Therefore, there can be friendship, affection, dialogue and attention. Love is usually deep, even if sometimes the routine is boring.

The letter advises the couple to always develop their potential for union. Suggested questions for reflection are:

How can I improve my relationship without losing the harmony that already exists? What do I need to do to break out of routine and experience new emotions with the one I love?


Passion, mistrust and desire. It is with this mix that O Diabo spices up an affective relationship.

Therefore, if this card came out for you, there may be a certain dispute of strengths and values ​​between you and your loved one.

Furthermore, all this can be combined with pleasure and possessiveness, causing a dangerous bonfire of vanities burning good communication.

It illustrates useless fights and jealousy that, incredible as it may seem, give reasons for intimacy to be totally pleasurable. Love and hate are the gifts of this Arcanum, therefore.

What can I do for sincerity and happiness in this relationship? What should I learn to not create more love problems?


The love reflected by this Tarot card shows that the end must be accepted with all possible strength. The relationship has more obstacles than ever, such immaturity and negligence for not faithfully dedicating themselves to the union.

That is, mistakes, excuses and illusions end up shaking the affective structures and exploding in disgust and need for renewal. For love to enter a crumbling heart, there must be emotional awareness. If not, then it’s not worth it anymore.

The opportunities for reflection that arise with this letter are:

How can I allow love to enter and take over my life? What should I improve in myself to be happy in this relationship?


Woman Star Card. Reference: arocchi Visconti-Sforza. US Games, 1975

The couple that reaches A Estrela is at peace, with tranquility and hope that everything can always work out.

The relationship is based on affection, affection and true respect for the loved one. Try not to question the reciprocity between you, but to experience it as much as possible.

Estrela suggests that you do the following reflection:

How can I preserve all this harmony in my love relationship?


This is the card of jealousy, fantasies and lack of dialogue to solve problems. Therefore, this card may indicate that there is fear that the loved one…

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