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The best hair colors for women over 40

Reaching the age of 40 means reaching a new phase, popularly known as the mature phase. To face this new stage full of challenges and delights, choosing the ideal hair color is of paramount importance.

It is at this age that gray hairs begin to appear, which can be a terrible nightmare for some women or can be a kick-off to change the tone of the locks.

Opting for gray hair, dyeing it the same color as your natural hair or changing color: any of these options, if done with care and dedication, will make a mature woman even more beautiful.

If it is a woman’s desire to color her hair, it is important to know which color matches her appearance and personality; and which shade suits your skin best.

For those who are in doubt about which color and tone to choose, it is possible to consult a visagist, a professional who will evaluate the woman’s personality and physical characteristics to indicate the ideal hair color for her.

4 famous hair colors and photos to inspire

One of the ways to decide on the color you want is to check out the hair of celebrities who have style and hair similar to yours. Here are four interesting options of beautiful colors that can be good options for you and choose the one you like the most.


According to visagist Rodrigo Banqueri, dark colors tend to age the image, because they create a high contrast between skin and hair. Shades close to the chocolate tone are the most recommended, as they brighten up the face a lot.

For the woman who wants a dark tone, the tip is to incorporate light locks to the look. The color is more suitable for those with black, yellowish skin and medium and dark brunettes, avoiding exaggerated contrasts. Brown ones are easy to maintain, only needing a root touch-up every 30 days or when the woman feels that the length or gray hairs are bothering her.


Rodrigo Banqueri recommends warmer tones, as they highly value mature women. For women who opt for platinum tones, the ideal is to work with a dark background and platinum highlights. Blonde is very democratic, it suits all skins, without restrictions. It is the color with the greatest power to disguise gray hairs, if that is a woman’s main priority.

As for care, hair that goes through a bleaching process needs constant hydration, if possible in every wash. It may also be necessary to use a hair rebuilding product every 15 days. Root retouching should be done as soon as it is apparent.


For those who want to opt for red hair, the visagist recommends reddish and brown tones, as they highlight and illuminate the beauty of mature women. Medium redheads for those who have warm skin tone and in fair skin copper tones are more suitable.

To keep the color always bright, in addition to the monthly root touch-up, it is also necessary to touch up the length for the color to stay alive and beautiful. Taking care of it at home with periodic hydration is essential for hair to stay healthy.

ombre hair

Another great option for those who like the dark background. Ombré hair is a technique that makes the ends of the hair gradually lighter, causing a modern effect. The technique illuminates the skin and gives movement to the hair. This technique is ideal for those who want to maintain the natural color of the wires, as it maintains the color and values ​​it.

Retouching is done every 6 months and home care is the same for blonde hair. Ombré is a favorite of many women of all ages and looks good on all skin tones.

Tips to enhance your hair color

For the color to remain beautiful and vibrant, in addition to seeking professional help when coloring, hair should also be cared for at home. Sulfate-free shampoos, treatment masks and low pH conditioners help hair to fade less, in the case of redheads, for example. Lighter blonde hair needs specific products periodically to remove unwanted yellow tones.

In all cases, dyed hair needs hydration to remain healthy and visits to the hairdresser to maintain the color.

Rodrigo Banqueri recommends, regardless of the color the woman chooses, that the cut and eyebrows are also valued. Thus, it is possible to compose a sophisticated and beautiful look completely, valuing the color of the wires even more.

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