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What does Facebook say about him?

With the advent of social networks updated in real time by their users, the dynamics of human relationships has been modified at the same speed with which people log into their Facebook accounts.

The popularization of this type of tool has made life a lot easier for those who are looking for a job, or want to sell a good, find a specific service or even start a new relationship. This is because information travels quickly and can be modified at any time by interested parties.

Women in general are more adept at this type of analysis for the benefit of a possible future relationship. When we meet someone new the first thing we tend to do is throw their name into the Facebook search. Curiosity about the person’s preferences, as well as their everyday activities and their way of seeing life is inherent to the female personality.

But how to use the agility of the internet and access to information on a daily basis? Specifically, what can be analyzed about someone’s personality from the content of social networks in which that person participates?


Analyzing the photo used in the boy’s avatar can be a good way to begin to understand his way of being and thinking. It seems like a lie, but this item alone brings a lot of information about his personality. Someone who is intellectually inclined will hardly use a shirtless photo of himself as an avatar, preferring more formal or even serious images; in the same way a person who wants to call attention to his physical qualities will insist on demonstrating this through the avatar photo.

Album photos

Men who like to party will have albums full of picture proof of how busy and fun their lives are. Always accompanied by a lot of friends, guys with this type of photo in their albums don’t usually stay home on the weekend, which means you’ll need to be willing to accompany them. These men are also the most marked in other people’s photos: as they are always “on the dancefloor” they end up meeting a lot of people, which contributes to this happening.

It is also through the albums that we identify the shy ones. Men with few photos or with random photos in which they almost do not appear, at least make the line “discreet”. Needless to say, this is a plus if you also prefer this pace of life.


Looking at the content of the mural one can understand what is important in a person’s life. What kind of posts usually appear there? If the guy often publishes or is tagged in posts related to political or social manifestations, it is quite likely that these values ​​play an important role in his life. If publications are rare, this indicates that he still prefers to keep his private life out of the eyes of the “general public”. Intellectuals take advantage of this space to share their views of the world, while the popular, once again, give an account of what is happening at this very moment in their busy lives.


What are friends and acquaintances saying about or to him? People naturally tend not to regulate information in this type of context, as it is a very informal way of keeping in touch – especially during weekdays, when most are working and do not have time or opportunity for other types of communication. Messages from friends can therefore be very revealing.


The controversial item should be at the top of the review list to avoid unnecessary confusion. Unfortunately, with the huge variety of relationship categories that exist today, many people prefer not to share this type of information on social media. The tip is to analyze the other attitudes: if the subject makes a point of being single, it is possible that he has difficulty in making serious commitments. It goes without saying that if the relationship is like “in a serious relationship”, the chances of your Prince Charming being a frog increase dramatically.


Here comes the number of friends and the way these people behave towards the boy. Having a lot of women on his friend list can mean he doesn’t give up female companionship: if you’re jealous, it can get you into trouble.

Despite the abundant information available on Facebook and even on other social networks, they still haven’t invented anything that replaces real socializing so that two people can get to know each other better. Keep an eye on the cat’s personality online, but don’t forget to watch their attitudes outside of it – and don’t fall prey to the unhealthy jealousy that online profiles can lead to. Remember that the bombardment of information gives new relationships a boost just as it can help to destroy them.

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