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The best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

A makeup, when done well, has the power to enhance a woman’s beauty. The secret is to bet on quality products and, also, to choose the right colors that will compose the make-up.

A large part of the female population has brown, light or dark eyes, which can be considered a privilege since they are super versatile at the time of makeup.

But, of course, there are some specific eyeshadow colors that are even more suitable for women with brown eyes, as they enhance the look, leaving the makeup harmonious and perfect!

Which shadows to use?

Below, Luciano Alencar, makeup artist at Pierre Louis Coiffeur, cites the most suitable eyeshadow colors for those with brown eyes:

1. Peach: Luciano Alencar explains that light brown eyes tend to be highlighted with peach tones – which are even ideal for everyday makeup, as they are, in general, soft tones.

2. Chocolate: the shadows in this tone are perfect to highlight the look with elegance and, according to makeup artist Luciano, they are also highly recommended for women who have light brown eyes.

3. Gold: Gold eyeshadows are super chic and highlight brown eyes (light and dark), according to Luciano Alencar. They can even be used in daytime makeup, as long as they don’t contain sparkles. For the night, the golden glitter eyeshadow options are available!

4. Bronze: the bronze eyeshadow is ideal to create a more sophisticated look in women who have light brown eyes. It’s also a great choice for dark brown eyes (which are actually quite versatile and go with pretty much any color).

5. Olive: shadows in this tone give a different charm to women with light brown eyes, highlighting the look, and can also be used by those who have dark brown eyes.

6. Black: makeup artist Luciano reinforces that dark brown eyes are versatile and match practically all eyeshadows. But the black color stands out as one of the favorites to make a “baphonic make-up” in women who have eyes in that tone, according to the professional. It is worth mentioning, however, that the black eyeshadow is not suitable for daytime occasions.

7. Brown: this, along with the gold and black eyeshadows, is another color recommended by makeup artist Luciano Alencar to make a devastating makeup for women with dark brown eyes. A dark brown eyeshadow, however, should not be used during the day, but on night occasions for a woman to really rock!

Check out a gallery with different eyeshadow colors, ideal for women with brown eyes:

What colors to avoid?

Luciano Alencar points out that women who have brown eyes should avoid shades in shades of gray that will probably “erase” the look a lot.

“In general, eyeshadows in shades of light blue also don’t add much and are not so suitable for brown eyes”, adds the makeup artist.

How to harmonize makeup for people with brown eyes

In addition to the shadow colors already mentioned, the woman who has brown eyes must be careful when choosing other products to ensure a makeup that, in fact, matches her.

When choosing a lipstick, Luciano Alencar suggests a light beige, nude or a pink gloss. “To dare, it’s worth launching the vermilion, as long as it doesn’t fight with the color of the shadow”, he highlights.

“The lipsticks in shades of dark pink are with everything and can replace the vermilion without ‘causing’ so much, if the woman prefers”, adds the makeup artist.

In the case of blush, the tone should be chosen according to the color of the skin. “For the white ones, the more rosy tones are indicated. If the woman is more brunette, I recommend more earthy tones. For black women, I recommend purplish tones”, concludes Luciano Alencar.

Makeup tutorials for brown eyes

Do you like, depending on the occasion, to bet on a more colorful makeup?

Below you can see the step-by-step guide on how to do a colorful makeup, suitable for women with brown eyes, made by blogger Camila Coelho and then another option with more neutral and dark colors.

Photos to inspire your makeup

Check out the photos and tutorials of Brazilian bloggers using makeup that suits brown-eyed women. Get inspired:

The video and all the tips are inspirations for women who have brown eyes and want to highlight their look very elegantly!

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