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Sunflower costume: 50 ideas and tutorials to shine on the blocks

Whether for a costume party or for Carnival, the sunflower costume is a guaranteed success. Cheerful, simple and very charming, she is perfect for partying! Check out photos, tutorials and products that will help you create yours.

50 sunflower costumes that will inspire yours

A self-respecting sunflower needs lots of yellow, flowers and sunshine. See pictures of sunflower costumes and find your inspiration!

1. How about spreading joy and light this Carnival?

2. The sunflower costume is perfect for this!

3. The most traditional model combines top + tulle skirt

4. But all your yellow pieces can enter the revelry

5. And then all you have to do is dress up your accessories!

6. A yellow crop top is perfect for the costume

7. This one in pastel tone was delicate and left the obvious

8. And this golden one brought the highlight that the occasion deserves

9. A gold bodysuit is also a sure choice

10. A sunflower then? Perfect!

11. The white top is also beautiful

12. And it leaves the production light and fresh!

13. A blue touch? Why not?

14. The sunflower costume also yields a double version

15. An apron and a watering can form your duo’s costume

16. You guys are going to be really cute together

17. And get even cuter pictures

18. Are you serious? Pure love!

19. It’s worth matching colors

20. Add other accessories

21. Or one more member in the group <3

22. The costume is complete with a make-up to match

23. Very graphic and full of glitter

24. Abuse of gold and yellow

25. And don’t be afraid to dare in production

26. For the discreet, a light shine

27. But when it comes to Carnival, shine is never too much!

28. Golden sardines reminiscent of sunflower kernels

29. Here they appear, but they make room for a powerful eye

30. Eyeliner + sardines + red lipstick

31. Who said sunflower costumes are always yellow?

32. A bodysuit with fishnet tights is sure to be a hit

33. White blouse with yellow tulle skirt too!

34. You can sew sunflowers into your bikini

35. The golden parts and accessories made the costume more tidy

36. But the simple always has time!

37. Get your black blouse out of the closet

38. Because she looks great in the sunflower costume

39. Making your skirt stand out!

40. A sunflower, the grass and the sky

41. This idea was the face of Carnival

42. And here is a simple sunflower costume

43. Suggestion for those who love to be comfortable

44. A Tumblr-style sunflower costume

45. How about getting out of the traditional yellow look?

46. ​​Or bet on a piece you already have at home?

47. So your costume is ready in no time!

48. But even if your costume is very traditional

49. The most important thing is to get in the mood…

50. And be happy!

Did you like the ideas? Now it’s time to plan yours and shine out there, sunflower!

5 pieces to compose your sunflower costume

One of the best parts of Carnival is creating your costume! See pieces that are perfect to create your look:

  1. Tankini ZaFul
  2. Sunflower bikini at Americanas
  3. Sunflower Tiara, at Americanas
  4. Yellow tutu skirt, at Americanas
  5. Top Farm Yellow, at Zattini

DIY: how to make your sunflower costume at home

Whether customizing pieces you already own or making a costume from scratch, making the sunflower costume is a breeze. Come learn!

Sunflower fantasy with black

In this tutorial you learn how to create a simple and quick sunflower costume, so you don’t waste time and fall into the merry-go-round! You’ll need a black tulle skirt (which you can make or buy ready-made), a black bikini top, artificial sunflowers in different sizes and hot glue.

yellow sunflower fantasy

Here, you learn how to customize a yellow tulle top and skirt, as well as see the step-by-step process to produce a beautiful tiara and a sunflower earring that will give the final touch to your costume!

Sunflower and gardener complete costume

Are you going to party next to bae? Then check out the step-by-step guide to create your sunflower and gardener costume for your partner! In the video, you also learn a makeup that will go great with your look.

Bonus: how to make a sunflower tulle skirt

Finally, not to miss anything for your costume, a tutorial of the dear tulle skirt! Tip: you can vary the colors and length of the skirt to make it the way you prefer.

Now you have everything you need to create your sunflower costume! If you haven’t made up your mind yet, check out other Carnival costumes and get inspired!

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