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The 12 meanings when a man sends you photos (and how to respond)

There is no denying that this age of technology, communication, and conquest have radically changed.

I’m going to give away my age here, but in my day, a boy to seduce a girl had a lot more work.

Basically, she had to dare to ask for your number, sometimes in front of all your friends, (which was also a line number, not a mobile number) and get you to give it to her.

Then I had to call your house, talk to one of your parents, and ask for you after going through an intensive questionnaire.

For better or for worse that has changed a lot.

Today the boys show their interest in very different ways, an emoji, a text. Come on, they have it easier now.

But if a man sends you photos of himself you might wonder what it means.

You’re probably a bit overwhelmed to receive sexy photos of a guy, especially if you haven’t requested them.

And you are probably in doubt about the best way to respond to him.

Also, if you like this guy, you may want to find a way to shift the tone of the conversation to something deeper and less superficial.

Keep reading to find out the reasons why he sends you these photos and also learn the best ways to respond to him.

The 12 meanings when a man sends you photos

1) He cares about your opinion of how he looks

This guy could be a good friend or someone you are just getting to know.

You may be in a moment where you have realized that there is a certain attraction between you.

Suddenly one day she went shopping or tried on a cool outfit and wanted to share it with you.

It’s because he cares about you and wants to know your opinion.

Maybe you have a great fashion sense and he wants to take advantage of your talents.

At the same time there could be something that reminded him of you. Maybe a shirt in your favorite color or pants that you think will be funny because it’s too tight.

It’s a way to play with you, bond and build trust. It also shows you that he doesn’t mind accepting your suggestions.

2) To make a text conversation more interesting

Let’s face it, photos are a great way to start a conversation. Many times it is much more fun than a simple: What are you doing?

Instead he could get more creative and send you a photo lying on the couch with little clothes on, to see what your reaction is. It’s a way to motivate yourself and see if you’re interested.

You like what you see? Well, you can get creative too.

3) He sends you a photo in one sense, but it actually means something else

This guy could very well be playing up some secret seduction strategy.

Maybe they know each other but there hasn’t been any romantic interaction yet.

Then he could send you a photo of him shirtless or on the beach mentioning that he is with friends inviting you to join, but in reality he wants to take the opportunity to show you his physique.

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It is probably a self-confident man trying to seduce you.

4) He wants to send you a souvenir

There is also the possibility that they had a good time together.

Maybe they had some sexy exchange in a bar or in a coworking and that day I take some photos that they want to remember together.

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words.

A photo is a great resource to tell a story or generate sensations without saying much. He is looking for you to have a mental image of what he is talking about.

5) He wants sex with you

There are numerous categories of photos that a guy can send you and one very particular one includes nudes.

In this particular case it is a way of showing his sexual interest in you.

Some men don’t care if you’re interested or not. They will not wait at all to see if you show any hint of desire for them. They will suddenly send you explicit photos of themselves, without you expecting it.

This could be solely with the intent to provoke you because he clearly wants you.

Although, if they have not generated the appropriate space for him to send them, it will surely achieve the opposite effect and you just want to block him from your phone.

But if it is the case that they have already openly expressed their mutual interest. You might be interested in dabbling in sexting a bit. If you like him and trust him go for it, it can be a lot of fun.

6) He wants you to send him photos of yourself

And in response to sending you a racy photo of him, he will expect to receive one in return.

Some men find it difficult to ask for a photo directly. He might be a bit shy or afraid to cross some boundaries, so he sends you sexy photos of him, so that you feel more comfortable sending him photos of yourself.

He wants to see your body and flirt with you virtually.

Besides, I could save those photos for some time when I need them later, you understand me.

He is looking to raise the temperature between you, in anticipation of a great sexual encounter with you.

7) Wants to lift your spirits

If you already have trust, he may use this resource in different ways.

You may have had a bad day and told him that you were annoying.

Then he takes some funny photo to make you laugh and cheer you up.

Or some hot image to change your mood to a sexier one that will surely make you forget about your problems for a while.

8) He is looking for a compliment from you

It is likely that this guy has a special interest in you and wants to receive your compliments. Then he sends you photos of himself as an invitation for you to comment.

He could well upload them to the networks, but that he sends them to you personally means that he is particularly interested in your opinion.

If he sends you a shirtless photo, he probably wants you to see how good he looks.

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Some men are not so good with words and many use actions to express themselves.

She probably wants to impress you, but isn’t quite sure how to do it in conversation, and her appearance can be a way of showing her value.

9) You have been ignoring him and he wants to get your attention

Nobody likes to be ignored. And if necessary, this guy could use the resource of a photo simply to get a message from you.

It is possible that you were busy or that you are not interested so much and that is why you have stopped responding to their messages.

He may just want a little bit of your attention.

10) He is interested in you and wants to know your opinion

One pretty obvious reason why a guy might send you his photos is that he likes you. It’s a sure sign if you think about it.

He probably wants to know what you think of his appearance and find out if you like him too.

If yes, do you want to encourage him to get closer?

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11) It is insecure

It could be that this guy is actually insecure about his masculinity or that you bully him.

He is obsessed with the thought of having sex with you and believes that in this way he will generate desire in you.

Deep down, he actually seeks to reaffirm his virility. It does this by luring or intimidating you with its explicit image.

12) He is an exhibitionist

It could also be a man with certain problems. Maybe he is not looking to provoke you but he is looking for your shocked reaction.

In the past you could pass a creepy man in a trench coat on the street, who would suddenly show you his parts. He did it with the intention of scaring you or generating a reaction. Clearly due to some drift in his psyche.

Nowadays technology has made it easy to access these images and instead of showing them in public they just share unwanted photos with anyone. They actually want women to be surprised by their virility.

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7 Ways to Respond to Photos a Guy Sends You

If you don’t like it at all, and the message seemed misplaced

1) Tell him how you feel about it

It could be the case that this guy sends you risqué photos that you don’t want to receive. This shouldn’t happen in the first place, but as we mentioned, some men just don’t bother to know what you want. You may have thought that he is a total misplaced.

So just be honest with him.

Tell him that you don’t feel comfortable with those photos and that you don’t want him to keep sending them.

And if you want to be tougher, you can tell her that she should learn a bit more about what is the right message to send to a girl. Or that you are not a girl who likes to receive private photos without requiring them.

2) Ignore it

A double check will make it clear to him that you didn’t like what he sent you.

Just don’t respond to his photo, and he should understand that you’re not interested.

Nailing him down is something that nobody likes, he probably feels sorry and realizes that it was not handled in the best way.

3) Block it

Or if it is a person that you are not directly interested in, you can simply block it and save yourself the work of giving any kind of explanation.

Sometimes there are men who behave in a disrespectful and inconsiderate way. Then you don’t have to waste your time or deal with their energy. You are not responsible for educating him or explaining how things are.

Just blocked and turn the page.

It’s better to stay away from guys like these who don’t suit you.

If you like the boy and you want to see where they can go

4) Answer him in a funny way

Some girls have fun receiving photos from a guy, but they prefer not to send them.

Then you could send him a photo of your pet, a funny gif, a photo of a naked doll.

You get the idea, this way you won’t send him something you don’t feel like but you will respond in a fun way.

And if you like it, express it in some way so that he knows that he is on the right track.

5) An emoji

An easy way to respond to him is by sending him an emoji. Emojis are an ideal invention to express emotions, without the need to use words.

Look for the one that best suits how you feel after seeing its image and press send!

6) Send him a photo too

You must know very well with whom you decide to exchange photos.

It should be someone you trust very much and who you know won’t do anything with those images.

Remember that once they are on their phone you no longer have control…

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