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How to recognize an indecisive man for you

Suddenly you meet a guy, he does things for you or he behaves in a very nice and friendly way with you.

But suddenly, when you want to thank the gesture, Ignores you.

This puzzles you and you don’t know what to think about him.

Also, you are starting to take a little more interest in this guy and you wonder if he has feelings for you too.

But sends you many mixed signals and you can’t quite interpret what is hidden behind all his actions.

Does he want to be just your friend? Or are you confused and maybe think of something else?

Are you intrigued and want to unveil the mystery, but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, here’s how to tell if a guy is undecided about you.

By the end of this article, you will know for sure.

10 secrets to discover if a guy is undecided by you

1) He is always looking for how to help you

Our friends are usually willing to help in situations where we need them, right?

The difference between a friend and A guy who likes you but doesn’t want to admit it is that he will look for the opportunity to help you.

Of course, your friends would do you a favor from time to time. But in most cases, when you ask.

However, will they surprise you by bringing you some delicious hamburgers, because you were so busy working?

That is unlikely.

These little acts without warning, or without your request, are a sign that he is constantly thinking of you.

2) He prefers to spend time with you in a group

A guy who secretly likes you He will always try to spend time with you.

He will stay by your side when the opportunity presents itself, even if he seems indifferent and distant when you are around.

Also, he wants to spend time with you, because he wants to see if you are a good fit as a couple.

However, you also want to limit the amount of time you spend alone, because he fears that his feelings for you will intensify.

3) He won’t say no if you’re the one asking

The guy who is romantically interested in you wants you to see that you can trust him.

Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, you are his weakness.

When you ask him for a favor or mention something you like, you know he will agree.

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Even if he’s uptight and serious, he’ll agree to something completely silly as long as you ask him.

This is his way of showing you that he cares.

4) He always asks you questions

Men don’t really engage in very long conversations; Not like women do.

They are more likely to tune out if someone bores or irritates them.

But they will participate in the conversation with great enthusiasm, if the object of their affections is present.

A guy will even take the initiative to ask you questions, because he wants to know more about you.

For him, everything related to you is interesting; even mundane things like your favorite food or your favorite TV show.

You will have already realized that it is not very common to ask all these personal questions to someone you are not interested in.

Apart from wanting to know you better, a man who is undecided for you It will also ask for your opinion.

Surely, because it values ​​your judgment on critical decisions. And also, it is possible that he does it to adapt to you and to attract you.

5) He minimizes his connection to other women

A man who feels indecisive for you he will always minimize his connection to other women.

The girl you saw him talking to the other day is just a coworker, and the woman on the phone is his sister.

He will automatically emphasize that he is not engaging with anyone romantically, because he wants you to be sure that he is available.

But it can also happen that some guys do the opposite.

He will not correct (wrong) impressions that he is dating another woman or intentionally mention a girl and say she is attractive.

He does it because he wants to see if you react with jealousy. And this is usually motivated by her own frustration with her feelings for you.

Observe how he relates to other women. If he ignores an advance from someone or refuses to go on a date, chances are he’s interested in you.

6) Sometimes he is nervous and uncomfortable

When a guy starts having feelings for a girl and realizes that he has these emotions, he will be awkward and nervous the next time they meet.

Realizing that you like someone and not knowing what to do about it at first can give you some embarrassing moments.

He wants to act normal, but his feelings get in the way. This leads him to struggle with his behavior.

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Classic manifestations of nervousness include:

Not being able to look you in the eye Fidgeting with your leg Fidgeting with objects like pens or buttons Playing with your hands Touching your face or hair Perspiring Speaking in a higher-pitched voice Sluggish with words

But to be fair, some people show these signs because they’re just naturally shy.

However, be on the lookout if this guy is calm and confident with others, but panics when you are in sight.

7) Remember everything you say

A guy who has a crush on you will make mental notes of everything you say.

No matter how insignificant it may seem, for him everything is important, because it comes from you.

He will pay a lot of attention to you and will remember every detail in order to be a part of your life.

Maybe you mention that you have a meeting tomorrow and he texts you to ask how it went.

Or you may have posted online how much you crave your favorite snack and he suddenly buys it for you.

When you like someone and care about that person, you will really go out of your way to listen to them.

8) He doesn’t flinch when other people notice their chemistry

When two people share a romantic connection, other people immediately take notice.

It may have happened to you that, at some point, someone has brought up the palpable chemistry that is seen between you, mentioning that you would be a very good couple.

If a man is trying to hide his feelings for youyou will definitely ignore these comments.

These kinds of guys don’t want anyone to know they’re attracted to you.

They don’t want to give themselves away. So perhaps, later, they will become more contemptuous of you.

He will mention how they are “just friends”, or even name another girl to get away from the subject.

This abrupt behavior is a sure sign that he is still in denial about his feelings for you.

9) Often mentions your name in conversations

A boy who likes you, even if he wants to hide it, He will always mention you when talking to others.

Many people naturally talk about their loved ones, because they are always thinking about them.

For example, when you talk to parents of young children, the topic will inevitably end up with their children.

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Guys who have feelings for you will act the same way.

When you’re in a group, he’ll mention what you’re doing in your life or ask for your opinion.

Even when you’re not around, they’ll mention you to friends they have in common.

Although all the effort he puts into hiding what he feels for you, his train of thought gives it away.

On the other hand, he can’t help but be happy if he hears you mention it.

Any guy who secretly likes you will definitely appreciate it if you mention his name to their mutual friends.

Hearing you talk about him to other people is the only way he’ll know you’re interested in him, without having to ask you directly.

10) Says and does sweet things unconsciously.

Some men don’t realize they’ve become honorary groomsmen, even when everyone else has.

A guy who likes you but doesn’t want to admit it may subconsciously make sweet gestures.

Instead of saying that he is interested in you, he shows it. saying sweet things, giving small gifts or showing their full support for you.

Even if he doesn’t realize how involved he is in your life, his actions will betray his genuine affection for you.

Now the next step is yours

There are several reasons why someone would want to hide their feelings.

This guy is probably struggling with his emotions, because his previous relationship scarred him, he fears rejection, or he just isn’t ready for a commitment yet.

On the other hand, there is you, who, if you don’t like him, then it is best to create some distance.

You don’t have to expressly tell him that you’re not interested, unless he tries something.

It’s kinder to give him the space he needs to move on and avoid being rejected by you.

But if you like him and you’re sure he likes you, then it would be a good idea to take the first step and talk to him.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect him to reciprocate right away, even if you propose to him first.

You must understand that he has to solve the problems that concern him.

In this case, the best thing you can do is reassure him that you understand why he is not ready to admit these feelings and see how he reacts.

Accordingly, you will be able to see how they are still together.

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