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Face Mole Meaning: They Reveal your Real Personality

Do you know the significance of facial moles? They can shed light on hidden aspects of yourself and others that you may not fully understand yet. Some people believe that a mole on the forehead is akin to a third eye, and this notion might have more depth than mere superstition. It stems from an ancient practice called melanomancy, which ...

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How to recognize an indecisive man for you

Suddenly you meet a guy, he does things for you or he behaves in a very nice and friendly way with you. But suddenly, when you want to thank the gesture, Ignores you. This puzzles you and you don’t know what to think about him. Also, you are starting to take a little more interest in this guy and you ...

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When a woman rejects you, is it good to insist?

There are many men who face the great dilemma: when a woman rejects you, is it good to insist? Generally no, but there are certain occasions when it can be good to be persevering. We tell you 10 reasons why it is not convenient to be persistent with a girl, after being rejected. Also, 3 to do it and the ...

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How to get over when a man disappoints you: 10 practical tips

Disappointment is born when someone we trust does not meet our expectations. But when a man disappoints you and he is your partner, it is especially painful. Because? Because everything you’ve built with it falls apart instantly. And we are faced with the challenge of deciding whether or not we should continue the relationship. Although it is an uncomfortable topic, ...

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10 things you can expect from a smart man as a partner

Dating a highly intelligent man can be exhilarating, but in some cases it can also be overwhelming. There are many amazing aspects to having a brilliant man in your life, but it also comes with a number of challenges. Likewise, every relationship you embark on has its positive and negative parts. So, why not do it with an intellectual boy?, ...

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