Being “snowed in” means you are at a loss in your current circumstances.

When the words snow are spoken, I automatically check a distant memory of seeing snow. It’s really a palpable spiritual experience in dreams. Dreaming of snow is associated with cleanliness, clarity and a possible new beginning. A phase in your life is over and a new beginning is coming. Since snow is water in solid form, it symbolizes that something in life will take shape and become more concrete in the future. The water connection makes the snow appear in dreams in connection with our inner feelings, perhaps because you have been repressing your thoughts lately and they have remained frozen, meaning it is time to revive them. Spiritually, the snow represents your beauty and serenity as well as the melting away of your troubles. There are different types of snow such as hard snow, soft snow, powder snow (which is light and generally fluffy) and of course artificial snow. I will cover all these meanings in this dream interpretation. I’m Flo and welcome to my website. Just scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to dream of snowfall?

There are 1 septillion snowflakes that fall on the United States each year, i.e. (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) snow is synonymous with our perception of past snow experiences. Do you remember as a child in the snow? This dream might just be a memory of the past. Every single snowflake is unique. If you look at the snowflake, you can see intricate patterns. You are really beautiful. Also, did you know that the snow is not white, it is rather translucent, but the reflection makes us think it is white. Ok, I’m getting carried away with the wonderful facts of snow. However, this all means something in a spiritual context to see snow falling in your dream.

Because snow is translucent, it often portends a problem in life that you just can’t see. Even though snow can fall at a speed (up to 15 km/h), this suggests that something just around the corner is worrying you. If you dream of snow sports, you may wish for relaxation and freedom. There are many dangers in the snow. We can experience closed roads, damage and blizzard-like winds. If you are going through a snowy winter and stocking up on hot chocolate and Netflix, then this dream is only symbolic. It is what Freud described as a symbol of our own perception. Scroll down to see some spiritual meanings of this dream because you will never know that the dream could actually mean anything!

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What is the general dream interpretation of snow?

Sometimes seeing snow in a dream is a sign of getting older. This is the “general” meaning in ancient dream books. For a man, this could relate to his fear when he is powerless. If the snow melts, this portends a softening of the heart. The snow can represent a cold personality or even frigidity and loneliness. A snow fight is a positive dream. However, falling in the snow could mean that your feelings for someone you used to love have cooled. It is possible that dreaming of snow predicts a change in your personal relationships. If you have trouble walking through deep snow, you’ll soon be worrying about someone unnecessarily.

In general, snow, hail or ice can mean that your most secret desires will not come true. Dreaming of melting snow is telling you that there is something you are not paying attention to that is slowly getting out of control. This dream is an omen of danger and temporary difficulties. If you dream about seeing snow, it could mean that you are being cheated on by a woman. If you see snowflakes in your dream, it means bad luck.

Seeing dirty snow in your dream means fear, emotional confusion, stress, fear of rejection or failure, deception and confusion. Clean snow is an omen of strength, economy, stagnation, waiting, stiffness and passivity. Walking confidently in the snow relates to your confidence in other people or in your loved ones. Walking unsteadily in the snow means caution, especially towards others, distrust, doubt and fear of being wrong. According to Sigmund Freud, seeing powder snow positively is a way of addressing issues that are troubling your subconscious.

If you have the fear of freezing in a snowy landscape, this suggests that you are likely to find yourself in situations where not only do you feel that your close relationships could freeze or even end, but you do too may have a hidden fear of life or failure, particularly in relation to finances and your romantic relationships. This dream could also indicate a possible cold attitude in a relationship with others, your tendency to isolate yourself and not express warmth and love to other beings. You should change quickly if you don’t want to end up lonely. Dreaming of being surrounded by snow in your dream is an indicator that you are an observer of difficulties and hardships that you may encounter.

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Ok this is from old dream books so I will check for newer definitions too! In dreams, seeing yourself surrounded by snow means a new phase of life. In winter we sometimes long for spring or summer temperatures. You could have dreamed of dangerous driving conditions or that you were shoveling your driveway. To dream of positive spiritual adventures in the snow means you will spend time with people you love.

What does it mean to dream of deep snow?

Foot-high snowdrifts in dreams can indicate an adventure on a deeper level. Spiritually, this means that when you dream of deep snow, your soul and spirit will be renewed. It is inherent from the challenges you will face in life. Just like the breathtaking beauty of snow. To see an avalanche in a dream means that you will be completely thrown into a task. Being buried in snow means a situation where you need to actualize some great gifts in life. If you see a ski pole or lose one in deep snow, it means you are training others. Skiing in deep snow in dreams means that you are exercising and personally find this enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. This is a positive dream. Seeing a snowy mountain peak indicates our sharing in life. Perhaps you need to share in order to enjoy the true “happiness” that being on earth can offer us. If you are an athlete in a dream, doing sports in the deep snow, it can indicate that you are planning to embark on a new phase of life. Deep snow can also appear blue in some cases. This is because the snow has multiple layers and appears to absorb the red and blue light. To see snow of a different color, changes are on the horizon! Seeing yourself in the middle of a frozen lake fishing through a hole portends a pleasant time in life. Catching a fish can often mean that a new phase of life is on the horizon. Scooping mud out of the hole means you are trying to remove obstacles in your life right now!

What is the dream psychology of seeing snow?


In winter, people gain some weight and libido is lost. This is important when considering the Freudian interpretation of this dream. He believed that most dreams are related to our sexual urges. In the book Cambridge Companion to Freud by Jerome Neu it was mentioned that the expression “the snow is white” is the same as drinking water when we are thirsty. It could just mean that you want it to snow in waking life. According to the famous dream interpreter, Carl Jung points out that the presence of snow can offer a brand new perspective on a waking life situation.

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Consider the other symbols in this dream when trying to determine its meaning. Occasionally, snow can be associated with love, so understanding the context of the dream is important. Psychologically, snow in dreams portends cold, and in this regard, the dream may indicate that you need to thaw your emotions. Snow can symbolize purity, attractiveness and gentle consistency.

What does it mean to dream of being trapped in the snow?

Being trapped in snow during your dream could be quite worrying especially if the dream actually turned out to be a nightmare. There are many reasons why we might be trapped in the snow. It could possibly mean that there are problems surrounding you at the moment.

What does it mean to dream of melting snow?

Seeing water or snow melting in your dream indicates that new changes are on the horizon – and this dream is related to your emotion. Seeing the snow melt in fresh water and possibly floating in a river or lake may indicate that you are finding challenging ways to overcome problems. To dream of snow melting and evaporating can mean that you are coping with a change in your career.

What does it mean to see snowy roads in a dream?

If you see yourself driving on snowy roads, the dream means that you will be fully aware of your surroundings and you will overcome problems on your life journey. If in a dream you see snow falling on the road, it means that you will achieve success, but without any emotional impact. Your vigilance serves as a guide to make you feel confident and free from all events in your life.

What does it mean to dream of eating snow?

If you see yourself eating snow in your dream, it means that you are receptive and open to the opinions, ideas, beliefs and ideologies of others. Your education or upbringing could be the reason that you have a high awareness that you depend on others and that you need to help them too. It is a dream symbolizing that you understand the concept of unity in diversity.

What does it mean to dream about snow sports?…

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