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21 Spiritual Meanings of Birds

Humans have always been fascinated by flying. And we are attracted to the pretty songs and colorful wings of the birds we see around us. But apart from the sense of freedom that we paint on them, what is the spiritual significance of the birds? Let’s look at some top choices.

Just to be clear, the spiritual significance of birds depends a lot on the species of bird itself. Is it a phoenix, an owl, a thunderbird or a cockatoo? In this article, we discuss the symbolism behind birds in general. Check out our other articles if you want to learn more about specific species.

spiritual meaning of birds

1. You are on the path to enlightenment

In general, gravity keeps people grounded. But birds have hollow bones and powerful wings that allow them to soar above anything. Sometimes they flap vigorously to keep themselves aloft. In other cases, they glide effortlessly on warm air currents, the so-called thermals.

Your angels might therefore use birds as a symbol that your spirit is above the cares and worries of the world. Your soul has overcome its physical traps and barriers, so it’s time to focus on developing your spirit. Birds represent height and lighting.

2. Trust in God’s provision

This message could come when you are concerned about earthly problems. Maybe you just got fired or divorced and don’t know how to pay the bills. Or you might be concerned if the breadwinner (your parent, older sibling, or spouse) becomes ill, becomes disabled, or dies.

Your spirit guides might send bird symbols—or even an actual flock of birds—to let you know they are taking care of you. This spiritual interpretation is explained at Matthew 6:26-34. It reminds believers that God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers so he can do the same for us.

3. Look at the big picture

Have you noticed that when people are asked about bad things like cruelty and war, they say it’s just human nature? But when asked about positive traits like empathy and kindness—the things we name human – they assume it’s extraordinary. Our concepts are clearly distorted.

So what does it mean for our spiritual values ​​when we see birds flying? We assume that it is about looking at the situation from a bird’s eye view and approaching it holistically. And it is. Birds see the world more clearly than we do. And their context is reliable, so widen your perspective.

4. Good things are coming your way

It’s easy to see why we associate birds with the sky. Many faiths believe that their chosen deity lives somewhere up in the sky. And angels are often depicted with feathered wings. So we associate birds (and angels) with deities. They take our prayers to the gods.

So what does it mean when you see a large flock of birds coming your way? It could mean a rush of blessings and happiness, especially when the birds are silent. They can only hear the flapping of their wings, so that’s a positive sign. Noisy flocks of birds indicate otherwise.

5. Your loved ones are close by

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, we won’t address the importance of specific bird species – we have many other articles that go into detail about it. But the species of bird can still send an important message. What does it mean to see a bird in the house?

Assuming this isn’t a pet bird sitting in a cage, see if you can figure out the species. It’s probably a bird that you associate with someone who has died. Maybe they had a parakeet. Or maybe they had a raven tattoo. The bird indicates that your deceased loved one is visiting you.

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Here’s another scenario – you see a nervous bird in your house and it’s trying to escape. It can fly around frantically and screech. And this can be any bird – a goose or chicken from the yard, or a finch that accidentally flew through an open window.

These captive birds express uneasiness, uneasiness, and limitation. Your higher helpers say you’re too comfortable in this “home space” and need to spread your wings. Maybe you like your current lifestyle, but your angels want you to reach your full potential.

7. This cycle ends

You would probably be quite upset if you hit a bird with your car or bike and killed it. But what does it mean when you suddenly see dead and dying birds? No, it doesn’t mean you have a future as a serial killer (although it would be nice to give the dead birds a proper burial).

In this context, the bird represents the end of a negative cycle or phase. Things are looking up. Something you feared has come to an end and you are beginning something new, exciting and positive. Send off the bird with a blessing and look for that new beginning.

8. You are going the wrong way

Here is a similar message from the bird world. We’ve talked about running over a bird – but can you be sure it’s dead? Well, most birds have extremely fast heart rates. So if you watch the bird lying there with its eyes closed, you can tell if it’s breathing and if its heart is beating.

In this case, if you hit the bird with your windshield or it rams your glass pane and collapses, your angels are advising you to take a detour. It is a spiritual sign that you are on the wrong track, either figuratively or by GPS. Listen to your guides as they gently reroute you.

9. Someone is praying for you

Prayer is an interesting term. We mostly think of it in Christian or Islamic contexts because Buddhists and Hindus opt for chants and mudras instead. (These four make up the world’s most popular religions.) But prayer is simply communing with your supreme being.

And the reason birds represent someone interceding for you is because of their wings. They can fly in the sky – which we can’t. So they symbolize sending our wishes and requests to our chosen deity. Therefore, seeing bird images means that someone is thinking and praying about you.

10. Money is on its way to you

Regardless of the bird species, seeing bird eggs means money is coming. And the hiring of the eggs could show you where the money will come from. If you see a mom bird sitting on her eggs or rearranging and rotating her eggs, your long-term effort will bring wealth.

If it’s a daddy bird helping tend the eggs, your fortune could come from an unexpected relative. You can recognize the father because male birds are often smaller and more colorful to attract mates. When the eggs hatch, you have to wait a while for this lucky break to happen.

11. You are closer than you think

We like to say that it’s darkest before dawn, even if the science disagrees. It’s a comforting thought, as is the supposed sugar rush and synchronized periods (although both of those myths have been debunked by science. Anyway, that concept resonates when you see birds.

How? Well, we’ve talked about hitting birds with your car’s windshield, but what does it mean when you see the bird darting in front of your car and out of range? It means that your spiritual goal is near and the desires of your higher self are about to come true.

12. You will soon be cured

Their spirit guides do not always use live birds in their messages. You might be drawn to a book in the library (or a video on the internet) that describes mythical birds. Or you suddenly notice bird tattoos on random people’s bodies as they walk by.

Three birds in particular might catch your eye – a phoenix, a thunderbird, or a caladrius. These birds all represent rebirth and have immense healing powers. Discovering them means you have an illness or wound that you are unaware of but your angels are already healing you.

13. It’s going to be a good day

This message might seem pretty simple, but keep this in mind. Every day, birds greet the sun with chirping. But you don’t always notice them. And even if you do, you might be irritated that they let you get up so early. Don’t be – it’s a heavenly message of good cheer.

If you see birds chirping, whether it’s in the morning or at any random time of the day, that’s a positive sign. It means things will be fine for the rest of the day. Your angels might send you some birds on a dreary Monday or when there is heavy traffic.

14. You lose control

Wild birds rarely come close to humans, even when sent by the angels. So what does it mean when birds attack you? This could be a murmur (of starlings) in a dream, or even a flock of seemingly angry ravens bombarding your yard (yes, it happens).

The spiritual meaning here is that you are out of control. Maybe your moods and hormones are haywire for some reason. Or maybe you’ve taken on too much responsibility and your potential burnout makes you lash out at everyone. You need to step back and relax.

15. It is time to get closer to God

Many spiritual people put their practice ahead of their earthly duties, and that can sometimes be a problem. But the opposite challenge can also occur. Most of us go to church or the temple once a week. But when your soul journey is important, you communicate more often.

This interaction relates to any higher being, be it Buddha or Mother Goddess. If this path is important to you, the distraction of work and the material world can take a toll. When attacked by birds, they tell you to stop and pray – you are neglecting your spirituality.

16. Turns out domesticity suits you!

We talked about indoor wild birds and what it means when they fight their way outside. But what does it tell you when the birds in your home seem happy? If you have a bird’s nest in your home…

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