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Vulture meaning and symbolism

What does a vulture symbolize?

A vulture symbolizes positivity, purification, rebirth, harmony, happiness, abundance, patience and good fortune, as well as doom and death.

Representing love and revival, a black vulture also signifies the need to break away from all the curses of generations.

Having a vulture as a spirit animal

If vulture is your spirit animal, you are louder in actions than words. They are true to the promises you make and stick to your commitments. They are patient enough , always adapting to situations and going with the flow. The vulture as a totem leader gives you the opportunity to to fully control your life and Meeting challenges with a brave heart . Similar to the vulture, you have one strong perception with keen insights and unconventional mannerisms .

On the other hand, you have one opportunistic nature and to achieve your goal, you might even take advantage of others.

What does it mean spiritually when you see a vulture

Seeing a vulture means the bird is showing you to have more patience and confidence, as well as to live with dignity and self-respect.

vulture dream meaning

To dream of a vulture, especially during difficult times in your life, represents purification and insight and will help you resolve your inner conflicts. It might even be a warning that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

A vulture flies high

Shows business success

A vulture trying to grab you and fly with you
We advise you to exercise caution to avoid getting into an accident

Young vultures sit in their nest
Symbolizes prosperity if you do your job with dedication

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Kill a vulture
This means that you would triumph over your problems

A vulture catching its prey
Your problems would end and you would see better times in life

A vulture flies an approach near you
Represents good luck and success

A dead vulture

Indicates that you may suffer a loss

Vulture symbolism in different cultures

In Egyptian culture

The bird is perceived as a symbol of protection and nurtures its young in an amazing way.

In Roman culture

The vulture represents strength, protection and masculinity.

In Native American culture

It symbolizes renewal and revival. The Mayans viewed the vulture as a symbol of transformation, purification and renewal.

Certain cultures such as the Tibetan Buddhists, Iranians and Zoroastrians followed the tradition of sky burial, leaving the body of the deceased to be ingested by vultures. In this way they felt that the dead were given a new life since their bodily remains were being eaten by the bird.

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